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FBI searches Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence

The fence of justice continues to tighten around donald trump Weeks after the conclusion of the public hearings of the Congressional committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill that have focused on the role played by the former president in that insurrection and in the plot of Trump and his circle to try to reverse the result of the elections , this Monday agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI for its acronym in English) have registered the home of the former Republican president in his Mar-a-Lago private clubin Florida, as reported by Trump himself in a statement.

According to two anonymous sources from ‘The New York Times’ familiar with the investigation, the search appears to be focused on materials Trump took to his private club and residence in Florida after leaving the White House. Other anonymous sources cited by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ have assured that the registry is not linked to the investigation of the events of January 6, 2021.

The registration has occurred with a court order according to a source from ‘The Washington Post’. The White House has also ensured that had not received prior information about the registration and has referred to Justice for further statements. The Department, however, has declined to comment and declined to confirm whether the search had been given the green light by Attorney General Merrick Garland. The The FBI has also declined requests for information. of the media .

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Already in February it was known that the National Archives they had managed after months of intense negotiations to recover the previous month 15 document boxes that the former president should have given them but took to Florida. Among those documents were some classified and also some marked as “top secret”. Trump only agreed to release them to the National Archives under pressure from potential court action to make that release, which he is required by law to do.

Trump, outraged

The FBI’s action this Monday, which according to one of the ‘Times’ sources at least in part was intended to check if there were any documents left in the club, was revealed by Trump himself in his release. In it he has denounced the registry in harsh terms, comparing it to the Watergate and framing it as “a radical left democrats attack” who, according to him, are “desperate” to prevent him from running again as a presidential candidate in the elections. 2024 elections.

“Is a aggression that could only happen in third world countries. Unfortunately the US has become one of those countries, corrupt to a level never seen before”, continued Trump, who has also assured that “nothing like this has ever happened to a US president”.

The Republican, who was not at the Palm Beach residence but is spending the summer at his property in Bedminster (New Jersey) and was at the Trump Tower in New York according to Bloomberg and Politico, has assured the agents have had access to his safe.

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Although the sources of the ‘Times’ and the ‘Post’ have assured that the search took place in the morning, the former president has implied in the statement sent to the media shortly before seven in the afternoon that “a large number of agents” were still at the residence, which he has described as “under assault, attacked and occupied”.

Papers in the toilet

Trump has been frequently singled out for breaking official record keeping laws and by get rid of sundry documents. Just this Monday the Axios portal had published some photos obtained by the ‘Times’ journalist Maggie Haberman, who covered Trump and in October will publish a book about the Republican, which apparently confirm his claim that the former president used to get rid of papers by throwing them into the toilet.

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