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FC Barcelona: The candidates castled in the last debate | sports

Font, Laporta and Freixa, in the electoral debate of TV3, in an image of the chain.
Font, Laporta and Freixa, in the electoral debate of TV3, in an image of the chain.tv3

Piqué warned him after the resounding 8-2 that Bayern inflicted on him in the last edition of the Champions League. “We need structural changes,” said the central. Now, seven months later, that change will take place. This Sunday the Barça members will choose the new president, the 41st in the club’s history. The TV3 debate was expected and the showcase of confrontation between the three candidates (Joan Laporta, Víctor Font and Toni Freixa) because the points in the polls place Joan Laporta at the top, followed by Víctor Font and Freixa. It was presumed that his interventions would serve to convince the undecided. Although there were no longer that many, as the club received 20,663 votes by mail this Friday.

The club is involved in a harmful nebula due to the Barçagate case, in a critical economic situation and with a team in transition, no matter how hard Koeman tries and achieves results. Font vindicated the work he has done in recent years, promised that he will expose Barça’s numbers in full and in a transparent way, although he was carried away by the illusion: “There are 1,200 million in debt, the Camp Nou is to be done and from Monday, another president is detained. We are fed up and we have to turn the page. And we will win Cups, Leagues and Champions, have no doubt. Let’s turn the page ”.

Laporta agreed on the critical state of the club and claimed his past as president from 2003 to 2010. “There is an institutional, leadership and model crisis. But it is reversible. Our model was successfully put into practice and Barça will be financially sustainable. With our experience, we will lead Barça back to glory ”. Freixa did not promise titles. He focused on his work and the financial agreements he has reached. “We have gone through a difficult stage as a result of irresponsible management and we have lost the model. But the potential is immense and it will not be so bad when we have obtained an offer of 60 million for five years for the sponsorship of the shirt and also an offer from an investment group that amounts to 250 million euros ”.

The club’s economy was a central theme. The budget is so precarious that it could not be signed in the winter market, despite the fact that Koeman wanted some incorporation. “Revenues have fallen 300 million due to the pandemic. We have provided solutions ”, stated Freixa, who recalled that when he was a manager, from 2010 to 2015, they already faced a situation with more debt than billing. “Thrillerism. We left the club in a magnificent situation, with a team to be proud of and with Unicef ​​on the shirt ”, Laporta replied, with acidity towards Freixa. Font took advantage of the situation: “This discussion is what has happened at Barça in recent decades. Managers who make all the decisions, improvising ”. To which Laporta added: “Here everyone has worked and thought. I’ve done”.

Messi’s future

The sports debate focused on the future of Messi and Koeman, in addition to the possible signings. “Koeman is doing very well and Messi will make him a competitive offer so that he can see that we can win again. Leo has to stay because he wants to stay and he needs affection, “said Laporta, who remarked that with him it is much easier for him to stay than with the other two candidates. Font decided to put names. “Messi does not want patches or juggling. For this reason, Xavi Hernández in the technical area gives credibility, Jordi Cruyff in the sports area and Joan Vilà in La Masia ”. Freixa, who also wanted to focus on the sections, later cited Lluís Carreras as sports director and added: “We have Messi next year, we will listen to him and reach an agreement. There will also be Koeman, in addition to two additions that we will bring, a defender and a forward [no dio nombres]”.

Before closing, the candidates asked each other cross questions and some pujas were thrown, almost always with Laporta at the epicenter. Now, there is only one day of reflection and the election on Sunday of the new president.

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