Thursday, September 23

FC Barcelona – Valencia, live online

A frustrating Barça. One more day. Unable as it is to win three games in a row in the League. Take one step forward and then again two steps back. It has no stability. Nor does he know how to govern the parties, which go so crazy and so crazy that they end up being unrecognizable, leaving points at each appointment that he will later miss, and much less. Not even that Edson Arantes do Messi will equalize to ‘O Rei’ with his so much 643 with the shirt of the Barça. Nor that Araujo, a 21-year-old central defender, disguised himself as Luis Suárez to sign a superb goal and feed the hope of a team that is still disoriented. He was lucky, yes, that Ter Stegen saved the defeat with a couple of superb saves.

Barça does not learn. And that being serious is not the worst. The real problem is that you torture yourself. Every set piece is a drama. It doesn’t matter whether it is a throw-in in Cádiz or a corner at the Camp Nou against Valencia. The result is just as dramatic for a team that becomes transparent when set pieces come into play. This happened in the 0-1 of Diakhaby, who took advantage of the large estate left by the Barça defense in the home of Ter Stegen. An unforgivable mistake. As unforgivable the game of the Barça was because it did not have freshness nor fluidity.

Strange structure

The defensive density designed by Javi Gracia it choked him in such a way that it turned Barça into an unpleasant, harsh and without recourse team. It seemed to be consuming Koeman’s team with a strange structure, keeping Braithwaite as a left winger, with Messi of ‘false nine’, having Pedri behind and placed, again, Griezmann on the right wing.

Coutinho played. Or, at least, it came out in the first part. But he became, again, another invisible player.

And Valencia, who felt comfortable in the area of ​​Jaume Doménech, understood that he had the game in his hand. Already a previous shot by Carlos Soler, who had a response in a beautiful, plastic and, above all, valuable stop by Ter Stegen. The prologue of the defensive disaster of a Barça that did not have balance.

He had not arrived within half an hour and was giving off signs of tremendous decomposition, forgiven a couple of times by a timid rival. Until the corner where Diakhaby had a black coffee, and with a couple of sugar envelopes, in front of Ter Stegen’s nose, taking advantage of Griezmann’s passivity. It was only that he headed in to portray Barça’s indolence, which has already received four goals after a corner kick. And six in set pieces. The endless disaster.

Controversial penalty

Koeman’s Barça was knocked out when, once again, the German goalkeeper signed another stop that was, in reality, a treasure. That intervention to the head of Maxi Gómez inside the small area had a prodigious replica of Ter Stegen. It was 0-2. Yes or yes. But the Barça goalkeeper insisted on denying reality. He had already done it in Carlos Soler’s long shot. And he repeated it later against Maxi, becoming the prologue of a few crazy minutes that gave the Catalans a draw. A penalty, which was much discussed by Valencia, began as an expulsion for Gayà, although the referee, after checking with the VAR, withdrew the red one and changed it for a yellow one. Leo failed. Or Jaume Doménech stopped. And the subsequent rejection ended him nodding his own Messi to equalize to Pelé signing his goal 643 with the azulgrana shirt. A bestiality. Something incomprehensible.

It is also incomprehensible that the start of the second half was just as bad for Barça, with Cheryshev missing the chance of his life. But the party was so crazy that not even Araujo’s goal allowed him to have a job to rule it. Again, another defensive error put Maxi Gómez ahead of Mingueza to balance, again, the unstitched clash. Where to Koeman Griezmann was of no use to him, whom he already removed with 2-2. He took him off the field because he saw that he had not done any transcendent action. Later, he even replaced Coutinho. Who entered? Lenglet. And he bet, already desperately, for a 3-4-3, with the sides (Dest and Alba) turned into wingers. But not like that.

It may interest you

Until three different systems Koeman used, but without any success. And that Frenkie de Jong took up again, when he appeared in the second half, the command of a team that has no command, leaving the Camp Nou depressed. Barça confirmed, once again, that Coutinho and Griezmann, both did not finish the game, they do not mix with Messi. The drama continues.

The record of Barça 2 – 2 Valencia

Barcelona: Ter Stegen (8), Dest (4), Araujo (8), Mingueza (4), Jordi Alba (4), Pedri (6), Busquets (5), Griezmann (4), Coutinho (4), Braithwaite (4 ) and Messi (5)

Coach: Ronald Koeman (4)

Changes: De Jong (6) from Busquets (m. 45); Trincao (4) by Griezmann (c. 73); Lenglet (sc) from Coutinho (d. 78); Pjanic (sc) of Pedri (c. 85)

Valencia: Jaume Doménech (8), Wass (6), Gabriel (7), Diakhaby (6), Gayà (6), Soler (6), Racic (5), musahar (4), Cheryshev (5), Guedes (7) and Maxi Gómez (7).

Coach: Javi Grace (8)

Changes: Álex Blanco (5) by Musah (m. 42); Manu Vallejo (sc) by Guedes (m. 87); Kang-in Li by Cheryshev (d. 89)

Referee: Hernández Hernández, canary (5)

Yellow cards: Griezmann (m. 12); Alex Blanco (m. 45); Mingueza (m. 56); Alba (m. 90), Lenglet (m. 90)

Goals: 0-1, Diakhaby (m. 29) heads off alone, just off a corner; 1-1, Messi (m. 45) scores with a header after Jaume Doménech stopped the penalty; 2-1, Araujo (m. 53) finishes inside the area; 2-2, Maxi Gómez (m. 69) is ahead of Mingueza.

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