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FDA Authorizes Pfizer Antiviral Pill to Treat High-Risk Covid-19 Patients

Paxlovid is the name of the Pifzer drug approved this day by the FDA.

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The United States government, headed by President Joe Biden, announced earlier this week the entire plan that in the coming weeks will be deployed throughout the country in order to try to contain a large surge of Covid-19 caused by the Omicron variant.

Application of booster doses, free and at-home Covid tests and a greater number of test posts are some of the actions ordered by Biden after a significant rebound in the number of coronavirus infections was recorded again in recent days after Ómicron became the dominant strain in the US, which is much more transmissible than its predecessors.

Faced with the complicated situation that is once again experiencing an outbreak of the pandemic, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this day the authorization of the use of Pfizer’s anti-Covid pills, which would mean a new direction in terms of therapies to treat coronavirus patients over 12 years of age.

Remember that the pill from Pfizer (Paxlovid) It is recommended for high-risk patients who test positive for Covid of developing a serious disease. Treatments in which patients take a series of pills at home over several days could ease the burden on hospitals, with infections expected to rise during the US winter.

“It is the most important thing that can happen in the pandemic after vaccines. The timing of the announcement, so late in the year, is unusual for the FDA and reflects the urgency behind the drugs, “said Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute.

In addition, Pfizer said that recent studies found that its pill is also effective with the Omicron variant.

The Paxlovid treatment consists of taking 30 pills for 5 days, accompanied by another medicine called ritonavir, which is often used in patients with HIV and helps the Pfizer medicine stay active in the body longer.

The US Government has ordered 10 million full treatments of the pill from Pfizer, which will cost approximately $ 530 per patient.. The pharmaceutical company also indicated that in these first days, the supply will be somewhat limited since they will only be able to distribute treatments for around 65,000 patients; but they are expected to deliver about 200,000 in January and another 150,000 in February 2022.

In a clinical trial, the pill Pfizer showed an 89% reduction in hospitalization of patients who received the drug within 3 days of developing symptoms, compared to patients who received a placebo. None of the patients treated with the drug died.

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