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FDA Authorizes Regeneron as a Preventive Treatment Against Coronavirus

The FDA has allowed the treatment to be applied to high-risk patients older than 12 years.

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The scientific community continues to work with forced marches to be able to create a preventive medicine or treatment and to cure people who are infected with coronavirus, because so far there is no solid basis that indicated which drugs are effective in the fight against COVID-19 .

However, recently, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ antibody treatment to prevent COVID, becoming like this in the first preventive therapy for unvaccinated and immunosuppressed people who move in high-risk environments.

This FDA determination expands an authorization granted last November on Regeneron’s treatment that can be used in mild to moderate coronavirus cases, in patients older than 12 years.

In this treatment, Regeneron combina casirivimab e imdevimab for the production of REGEN-COV. The treatment has not yet been approved for hospitalized COVID patients.

Medically, antibody-based therapies are one of the few treatments that have been shown to be effective against infections caused by the coronavirus and are generally administered in transfusion centers. Although most tend to be very expensive, the US government has funded a large number of REGEN-VOC treatments.

In order to access the Regeneron treatment, patients must verify that they are indeed at high risk of developing a more serious illness due to the virus, either because they are not vaccinated or because they have a weak immune system, and they also have a high probability of being infected because they are in constant exposure to the virus.

In addition, Regeneron said that his therapy can also be used for several months if the exposure is prolonged for a longer period. An example of those who may be candidates for treatment is a person who, due to their work or family dynamics, must be in direct contact with infected people.

It should be clarified that the treatment of Regeneron is not a substitute for COVID vaccines, Therefore, they invite the population to be immunized and those whose immune system is very weak can resort to REGEN-COV to complement the vaccines.

Also, the company has clarified that its treatment could be used as a complement to vaccines, especially in people or places that need immediate protection, since COVID vaccines take approximately 2 weeks to be fully active against the virus.

Although the therapy can be used for more than a month in certain cases, it has not yet been approved for even wider preventive use among the immunosuppressed.

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