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FDA warns of fraudulent vaccines and treatments for coronavirus

They have recently approved several vaccines to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, there are those who offer treatments and vaccines that happen to be fraudulent and put in health risk. That is why the FDA makes a call to be alerts in situations irregular.

Beware of fraudulent products

As we all already know, there is not one care, although recently they have approved various vaccines and other medications, such as Remdesivir. They are still in the stage of tests other medications that They have not been marketed.

For this reason, you have to take precautions before false treatments and medications that promote a cure for Covid-19.

While many pharmaceutical companies and laboratories follow the protocols to get a vaccine as much soon possible, there are unscrupulous companies and individuals who sell or market supposed vaccines and treatments false.

The fact that manipulate information in this way it seeks to create a market that generates gain trapping people unwary, creating a dangerous environment as it is put into risk life of all citizens.

It should be noted that products that are offered as a cure or vaccine have not had FDA approval. In addition, this institution has knowledge of the online sale of kits to detect the coronavirus who have not had the due authorization and that result in fraud.

Consequences of using unauthorized medications

The United States Food and Drug Administration warns of the danger of pursuing treatment other than sure to combat the effects of Covid, as it can cause death.

It also warns how dangerous it would be lay off he medical treatment by other products that offer a recovery miraculous.

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Medications that are not authorized by the corresponding entities should not be used. Source: Shutterstock

To compound the situation, these fraudulent treatments are likely to cause other health problems that could lead to more expenses doctors and could leave aftermath.

These types of medications or treatments come in the form of Dietary supplements, in supposed medical tests, medication, and alleged vaccines.

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission, along with the FDA have issued several warning letters to companies that sell fraudulent products to treat Covid-19.

In addition to warning letters, these offices may issue embargoes and others judicial measures to those who sell fraudulent and deceptive products for the treatment of this disease. In addition, they are issuing alerts to the population so that they are not left cheat.

What to do

It is true that situation for the issue of the pandemic is maddening and that’s why any offer that can help stop the virus is temptress.

But the only ones who can give us precise instructions are doctors, who have more knowledge and they know what the appropriate treatment.

On the other hand, each one must take the necessary measures biosecurity recommended: keep the distancing, use masks, wear gloves and handwashing constantly.

Any circulating offer enacting that certain product is the miracle cure should be taken with suspicion. Are the authorities who will tell the moment when the vaccine and how will he vaccination process.

Report it is important to avoid falling into these traps fraudulent. So if you know of some product marketed as a cure or treatment for Covid-19, you must warn to the authorities.

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