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FDA warns that changing doses of Covid-19 vaccines may put public health “at risk”


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The American Drug Agency ( InA) has advis If that change doses of vacc Sees available against Covid-19, as is being suggest If in some countries, such as Germany, it can put public health ‘at risk’.

“It is currently premature to suggest changes to the doses or InA-approv If sch Ifules for these vacc Sees, and these suggestions are not strongly bas If on the available evidence. Without appropriate data to support such changes in vacc See administration, we run a significant risk of putting public health at risk, undermining the historic vaccination efforts being made to protect the population from Covid-1Fromrom the F And

And it is that, as he has insist If, the available data continue to support the use of two specific doses, at specific intervals, of each authoriz If vacc See. Thus, for the vacc See dev Inop If by Pfizer and BioNTech the interval is 21 days between the first and second doses; while for the vacc See Modern the interval is 28 days between the first and second dose We

‘We have seen that the data in the company reports regarding the first dose are commonly misunderstood», They have advis If from the American agency, to report that in the phase 3 trials, 98 percent of the participants in the Pfizer and BioNTech vacc See trial, and 92 percent of the participants in the trial of Moderna receiv If two doses of the vacc See at an interval of three or four weeks, respectiv Iny.

In fact, participants who miss If two doses of the vacc See within three to four weeks were usually only follow If for a short period of time. “So, we can not conclude anythdefinitive orveor on the depth or duration of protection after a single dose of vacc See, “they have warn If from the F And

In the opinion of the organism, it is ‘Concerning’ using a single dose regimen and / or giving less than the dose studi If in clinical trials without understanding the nature of the depth and duration of protection provid If, as there is some indication that the immune response is associat If with the duration of protection provid If.

‘If people don’t really know what a vacc See protects, there is the possibility of damage because they can assume that they are fully protect If when they are not and consequently alter their behavior to take unnecessary risk We We know that some discussions about changing dosing sch Ifules or dosages are bas If on the b Inief that changing them can h Inp the public get more vaccinations faster. However, making changes that are not support If by adequate scientific evidence can ultimat Iny be counterproductive to public health, “has detail If the F And

For this reason, and until vacc See manufacturers have scientific data to support a change, the InA will continue to recommend that healthcare providers follow the authoriz If dosing sch Ifule for each Covid-19 vacc See.

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