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Federal judge blocked mandate of the COVID-19 vaccine in New York for employees of the Department of Education

The measure has left opinions for and against.

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A federal appeals judge blocked an anticovid injunction in New York that is expected to take effect Monday, so that it is not applied to teachers and other members of the New York Department of Education (DOE).

Prior to the sentence of the judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, it was known that education employees in the city who have not received their first dose against COVID-19 before the end of Monday, would be separated or suspended from their positions, without the right to pay.

The Department of Education stated that it is confident that the vaccine mandate will continue to be fulfilled once all the facts are presented, justifying this as “It is the level of protection our students and staff deserve. The trial mandate remains in effect, and we seek a speedy resolution from the Circuit Court next week. “.

The statement indicated that more thanl 82% of Department of Education employees were vaccinated, and will continue to urge employees to apply the dose before Monday, September 27, he said. Fox News.

According to DOE, 82% of about 150,000 employees, including 88% of teachers and 95% of principals, are already vaccinated. The United Federation of Teachers stated that around 95% of its members received some dose against COVID.

As a possible response to the vaccine mandate that could come, the Department of Education plans to prepare “Emergency meals” for students in some places in case they have problems with staff, as they fear there is a shortage of workers in that area, reported New York Daily News.

Nonetheless, Joe Borelli, a city councilor, expressed himself through his Twitter account and indicated that several schools in his home municipality have a considerable number of employees who have not been vaccinated. He further noted that parents, students and staff in general are “comfortable enough” to receive a high amount of school attendance.

On the other hand, the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, declared Thursday that “We have thousands upon thousands of experienced and vaccinated substitute teachers ready to work.”

New York has awarded 530 extensions from the COVID-19 vaccine to public school personnel; however, some principals reported difficulties finding and retaining qualified substitutes in the first two weeks of school, anticipating a deepening of instructional staff in the coming week.

“We don’t even have enough staff at the moment.”the principal of the Manhattan elementary school told the NY Daily News, who preferred not to reveal his identity. “We have been asking for substitutes and we don’t have enough.”

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