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Federal judge in Texas blocks new ICE rules limiting deportations of undocumented immigrants

Guatemalans deported from the US arrive at the Guatemala City airport.

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A federal judge in Texas on Thursday blocked the rules that the Biden Administration had imposed for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) to limit deportation priorities to the cases of undocumented persons accused of committing serious crimes.

In another setback to his more tolerant immigration policy, federal judge Drew Tipton ruled in favor of the states of Texas and Louisiana, which joined the lawsuit.

Only foreigners with serious crimes would be deported with priority, according to Biden’s order

In January and February, the government had ordered that only foreigners with serious crimes be a priority for expulsion for the agency.

Tripton of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas determined that the policy violates the mandates of Congress, and that the states of Louisiana and Texas (both Republicans) were likely to prevail in their claim that it violates the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).

“This preliminary order is given at the national level and prohibits the execution and implementation in any place where the government has jurisdiction to implement the memoranda of January 20, 2021 and February 18, 2021,” the judge ruled.

For federal authorities, “recent arrivals” are immigrants who have crossed the border since November 1, 2020.

Texas and Louisiana allege in the lawsuit document that the categories of immigrants that are considered a priority by the Government omit cases such as foreigners convicted of serious drug offenses, foreigners convicted of crimes of moral turpitude, and foreigners subject to criminal offenses. a final order of expulsion.

Although the Biden Administration guidelines did not prevent ICE from arresting or deporting immigrants who did not fit into those categories; If these were not in the deportation priorities, the agents had to request a permit to process them.

Last April, Texas and Louisiana attorneys general sued the Biden administration for altering part of the immigration policy and deportation priorities that former President Donald Trump had established on January 25, 2017.

Texas Attorney General believes Biden’s new immigration policy puts Texans at risk

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argued in the appeal that the Biden Administration was putting Texans in danger by not ordering the automatic detention of undocumented immigrants who have committed criminal offenses.

“President Biden’s resounding refusal to enforce the law is exacerbating an unprecedented border crisis,” Paxton said.

“By failing to take custody of the foreign criminals and giving no explanation for this reckless policy change, the Administration is displaying a blatant disregard for the safety of Texans and Americans,” he added.

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