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«Feeding the soul is the only thing that can save from a reality that hurts»

The vice president of the Provincial Council, Julia Parra, and the deputy director of the Principal Theater, María Dolores Padilla, who received the Ana Millán award for the contribution of culture.  |

The vice president of the Provincial Council, Julia Parra, and the deputy director of the Principal Theater, María Dolores Padilla, who received the Ana Millán award for the contribution of culture. |

“In reality, the role of culture and artists in the pandemic is the same as in life when there is no health crisis. It is some way of feeding the human soul, of feeding the human imagination, which is the only thing that can save us from a reality that hurts », points out the Alicante actress Ana Milan, who represents the vast contribution of the world of culture in the critical moments of the pandemic despite being one of the sectors most affected by the economic crisis derived from the health sector. Music, theater, literature, cinema, photography, dance, painting and other arts became allies to help the citizens of a country accustomed to living on the street in society to overcome the days between four walls with initiatives under the label # QuédateEnCasa and a great online activity.

The artist is one of thousands, famous and anonymous, who went out of their way to provide their content for free and thus alleviate the tension of isolation in the months of confinement at home after the outbreak of the global disease, moments in which the networks they became a platform through which they reached homes with a multitude of activities.

This is how thousands of Internet users signed up for the daily online appointment with the Alicante actress Ana Milan, who revolutionized the network with her live shows in which she narrated, via Instagram, personal experiences with all the irony in the world and large doses of humor, of the which has already shown a good showing in the popular series «Camera café». Some monologues in which she offered the best of herself. These spaces became a trend and later they have served as the basis for an autobiographical series in Atresplayer, byAnaMilán, where he recreates some of the personal anecdotes that swept through.


For the actress, the award given by the newspaper INFORMACIÓN is special. «Awards are always pleasing, always flattering, always comforting; But when it is your land that rewards you, it is much more. Because that of ‘No one is a prophet in their land’ is broken, that cursed saying is shattered and you start to feel loved and cradled by the land that saw you born and dream. Thanks to each and every one of you. I feel deeply honored and I hope I deserve it, “she says of this recognition. The artist distinguished with the “Important” award, who woke up laughter with humor at the expense of herself in moments of darkness, wishes, like everyone else, that normality returns little by little to our lives. “I really want to go back to a theater without a mask, to a concert where I can hug, jump and sing – he admits – and feel again that energy that is produced in the temples of culture, and that we so need” .

The initiatives of the world of culture since the pandemic began directed free to the general public are multiple. Also worth mentioning in this space are “The covid art museum”, a virtual gallery that collects art inspired by the coronavirus, an initiative of three young people, two from Alicante and one from Barcelona, ​​reviewed by media from all over the world. This project, fruit of the quarantine, has 170,000 followers and also emerged through an Instagram page to which the creators upload their work. In this virtual museum there are already 837 publications from all over the world.

Another initiative that emerged in the province in the wake of the coronavirus crisis is “Everything was March and other stories”, a publication made in Alicante that brings together stories from 14 writers. A solidarity book of 100% Alicante stories, with the purchase of which we collaborate with the Alicante Gastronomic Solidarity Association – “Important” award in the aid organizations section – so that it can continue to feed people affected by the crisis. As well as the project “Once upon a time”, which draws on works by artists and writers who imagined the future after the pandemic with texts and illustrations that were uploaded to the network and that they captured in a book; and the «Confit Morning Exercises», by the photographer Valiente Verde, a work in images from the forties based on the self-portraits that the artist took every morning.

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