Saturday, October 16

Feijóo calls not to be “infected” by Sánchez because the PP is a “solid alternative” that will return to the Government




Alberto Núñez Feijóo has called this Saturday to the PP to “point out and show that there is another path” than the one drawn up by the central government, because “we are different, other things move us.” «Let us not be infected by the tendency to turn politics into a jungle in which one goes from vine to vine, without stopping. Let’s leave Sánchez at it, let him go from the Junqueras vine to the Otegui vine, passing through the Podemos vine. Let’s not mess with Sánchez’s lianas. We will always be on the precipice if we do so, and much more importantly, we will leave Spain on the precipice of the abyss, “he proclaimed.

Feijóo, who has been re-elected for the fifth time as president of the popular Galicians, in a congress to which he attended as the only candidate, has intervened after Mariano Rajoy and before Pablo Casado, an extensive speech in which he has assured, before the watchful eye of its national leader, that «we have to lift our heads and say loud and clear that there is a solid alternative, who was not born yesterday or before yesterday ». And he has assured that, as in previous moments of difficulty, the PP «will be called to govern Spain, that is why we are going to continue working with Pablo and his team, to try to make this alternative the alternative of solutions, the alternative for Spain”.

«We are moved not to pulse, but to add the strength that we have together“Feijóo has claimed in opposition to the Government, in a section of his speech in which, while chaining criticism of the central Government, he called on his colleagues not to be conditioned by Sánchez’s way of managing. Whether in relation to the pandemic, the subjecting of institutions to “permanent stress”, the increase in taxes, without reforms, public services, the distribution of European funds (“let’s fight for what belongs to us”), the education (“that no child is indoctrinated by the Government”), the family, freedom and, finally, “that independence does not condition us.”

In line with the spirit that presided over the first day of the regional congress, Feijóo has claimed that “We are a broad spectrum party”, where “there are more liberal comrades, others more conservative, others more reformist and others more centrist”, in which “there can be different sensitivities”, which “respect” themselves “because this means growing the base and broadening the party.” In the PP, he has had an impact, “if you think differently from the leader on duty, they don’t cut off your head”, “you can think and say openly what you think is appropriate.”

Something that, he has assured, his main political rivals do not assume. «They do not understand that we are not from the PSOE. We are not from the PSOE, we are from the PP, and that is a project in which everyone participatesEveryone can have an opinion, everyone fits and everything fits in this great party that is the PP of Spain, under the orders of the national president, Pablo Casado. This is what they do not understand and we are going to understand it ”, he has abounded, in front of those who seek the opposite:“ There are many people out there who are interested in facing us. I understand, seeing how they treat each other, it’s normal. It is nothing personal, it is a conviction, a way of doing politics, they want to confront us because they see us as competitive ».

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