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Feijóo is presented in Extremadura as the defender of the rural world

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has exhausted this Sunday afternoon in Extremadura another of his last days at the head of the Xunta de Galicia, from where he is willing to make the leap to Moncloa. On April 1 and 2, his party will validate him in an extraordinary congress to lead a Popular Party with whose Extremaduran president, José Antonio Monago, has shown today in Mérida that he is in tune. Not only because in 2018 when the motion of censure lowered Rajoy, Feijóo, as he has revealed, received the call from Monago and Manzano to take a step forward, but because the Extremaduran and the Galician are the two territorial leaders of his party more ancient and also unites them the rural world in which they live.

This link came to light again and again this afternoon at the Palacio de Congresos de Mérida, where Feijóo closed a primary campaign with him as the only candidate. «Illusion, management model and project. It is what I have come to commit myself to », he said before saying goodbye and going down to hug Benedict, a 92-year-old Galician who has been in Extremadura for more than sixty when he married a Dombenitan woman and who was previously summoned from the entrance. Monago did it first and then Feijóo, confirming that the act was designed under the format of a pure and simple rally, with its light effects and a huge PP logo swaying on the walls, music, a tribune of militants of varied profiles behind the two speakers and, of course, the flags of Spain.

Monago and later Feijóo stirred up all the ills that are plaguing Spain at the moment, especially the crisis in road transport, and spread them around a devoted audience. There, hundreds of militants sheltered from bad weather and faced with the slogan ‘Prepared’ were reunited with the feeling that governing again is just around the corner. It was clear that the purpose of this unrivaled campaign was to charge Feijóo’s battery. Monago called him by his name, but treated him as if he already ran the country. “Alberto, you have already learned and tomorrow you could preside over a council of ministers because you have guaranteed traceability and you are a black-legged guy,” said the man from Badajoz, who had not addressed such a large audience for many months and recovered his oratory more genuine to give Vara several dialectical bumps, although yesterday the protagonist was another. “He has been governing here all his life and now it turns out that everything is Putin’s fault,” he said of the socialist leader before distrusting the great projects that the Board is up to, from the Elysium complex in Siberia to the sugar factory in Mérida, the diamond factory in Trujillo and other projects planned in Badajoz.

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“We need you Albert”

The rural world and the protest that took place in Madrid was very present in each intervention, as well as the message that people in Extremadura feel very Spanish and will not forgive Sánchez for having allied himself with those who intend to break the unity of the country.

Feijóo asks in Mérida for a responsible government to talk to carriers

And faced with a national panorama that was increasingly described as gloomy, Feijóo ran as the ideal person to change the course of that disoriented and chaotic Spain. The rise in prices never seen “that puts more and more families in trouble, it’s not that they don’t make ends meet, it’s that they don’t even know how to start it”, and the shortage that has worried thousands of businessmen for a week were the perfect framework to present yourself as an alternative. “We need you, Alberto,” Monago proclaimed to applause before highlighting his career as a good manager. The praise was accepted by the Galician when he said that his four absolute majorities did not come by chance. «I do not pretend to be a fashionable politician who speaks very well and appears on the news, but I believe in experience. It is good to have managed some public euro and I have been managing public money for thirty years (…) I have more experience than all the ministers of the Government».

Feijóo demanded Pedro Sánchez more waist and dialogue to tackle the transport crisis. “He asked him not to divide and confront ranchers and farmers with carriers and assured that” the Popular Party is coming to unite Spain “, before recalling that the self-employed do not get anything out of this conflict and recommend Sánchez to listen, as he did in a recent forum with regional presidents of different stripes where all kinds of proposals were accepted regardless of where they came from.

The internal divisions in Sánchez’s team, the increase in electricity and life in general, and the lack of credibility of many ministers gave rise to encouraging the popular militants, before whom the new national leader of the PP, who reported that he grew up in a small town, he made his own in his own way a slogan that already worked for Monago in 2011 when he repeated that Extremadura was, is and will be countryside. “Betting on the field is betting on what we have been, are and what we want to continue to be,” declared the Galician from the podium today in Mérida.

Public this Sunday in Mérida / J. M. Rosemary

Old faces to applaud the new party leader

“I have brought you the rain,” said the Galician Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the man who comes to renew the PP and who was waited at the door for the photo, as soon as José Antonio Monago, the secretary general Fernando Manzano and the two provincial secretaries, Laureano León and Manuel Naharro. Except for the last one, who took office last year, the previous ones have more than five decades in organic party positions. In the first row this afternoon it has been possible to see from deputies such as Juan Parejo (autonomous) and Víctor Píriz (national), who finished a marathon in Badajoz in the morning, to councilors from Badajoz such as Eladio Buzo or María José Solana, among many other local leaders arrived from all over the region. The mayor of Cáceres María Guardiola or the mayor of Plasencia Fernando Pizarro have also attended, names that until a few weeks ago sounded to relieve Monago. Party historians such as Carlos Floriano, Francisco Fragoso (both senators) or Germán López also attended the event at the Mérida Congress Palace, where of all the Extremaduran deputies in Madrid only Alberto Casero, Casado’s trusted man, was missing. Feijóo mentioned the former mayor of Badajoz Miguel Celdrán and the deputy Consuelo Rodríguez Píriz, a friend of his and who died in 2021 from covid. Monago recovered the tone of his interventions, spoke of “that progressive and cool ideology of Pedro Sánchez, now worried about his television series” and hinted that he is more alive than ever when, about to convene a regional congress where it seemed that He was going to be relieved, but has been postponed, he said this afternoon in a reference to the rural world that sounded ambiguous and intentional «I like people who fall and get up, who fall, get up and shake off the dust, and that falls, gets up, shakes off the dust and gets up from tripping without ever looking back».

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