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Feijóo: “It is better to lose the government than win it through populism”

Feijóo, accompanied by some falleras, attends this Friday from the balcony of the Valencia City Hall to the mascletà. / EP

The Galician baron places the agreement with Vox in the sphere of Mañueco and makes it clear that when he takes the helm of the PP in April a new stage will begin

Maria Eugenia Alonso

The PP crossed this Thursday one of those that for many was a red line when opening the Government of Castilla y León to Vox. The formation of Santiago Abascal was not satisfied this time with a programmatic agreement and took its ordeal to the end. The threat of repeating elections, with the fear that the far-rightists would outgrow them, made Alfonso Fernández Mañueco give in, and he gave in to all the demands of his positions. A PP-Vox power pact for which the opposition holds Alberto Núñez Feijóo responsible and from which the Galician baron tries to disassociate himself by all means. “Sometimes it is better to lose the government than win it from populism,” he asserted in Valencia at the start of his regional tour prior to the extraordinary congress that will enthrone him.

Feijóo, who is proud to have stopped Vox in Galicia, where he failed to enter Parliament in the 2020 regional elections, has not yet clarified how the relationship with the extreme right is proposed, now that he is going to assume the reins of the PP . This Friday he tried to defend an autonomous image of his party, oblivious to the need to depend on third parties and moderate in the way of understanding politics. “It is evident that I have not capitulated on anything, among other things because I am not yet president of my party,” Feijóo defended himself, also in a veiled allusion to the reproach of the leader of the European conservatives, Donald Tusk, who used precisely that expression, “ capitulation”.

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The Galician leader assured that his is not a formation or fashion – “we have survived our founder” –, or populist, or false illusions and once again held the PSOE responsible for Mañueco surrendering himself into the arms of the extreme right. The conservatives play down the criticism of the left and recall that the socialists are not here to give lessons since “they govern with Podemos and agree with EHBildu.”

The limbo in which the popular find themselves with the transition from Pablo Casado to Feijóo has favored a closing of ranks in the party, even among those who, until just a month ago, denied giving Vox legitimacy. “It is the only way”, the consulted positions coincide. Although they recognize that it “stings” the weight – greater than expected – that those of Abascal have finally ended up having with the Presidency of the Cortes, the Vice Presidency of the Board and three ministries.

Consequences of Moreno

In Andalusia, where the next electoral event will be held, they already mark distances with Castilla y León. “Each territory is different,” they maintain. The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, stepped out this Friday to prevent Mañueco’s decision from setting a precedent in the party. «Andalusia is Andalusia and Castilla y León is Castilla y León. They are two different sociological realities », he settled.

The popular Andalusians insist that the pact with Vox will not determine what happens in their community and continue to bet on a government alone. The exam for Moreno, in any case, will arrive in the fall and it remains to be seen how the first months of joint management in Castilla y León go. Nobody makes clear forecasts, although in the PP they trust that “the differences” between one party and another will begin to be seen soon.

Mañueco, on the other hand, also separated the agreement sealed with the future PP of Feijóo and with what may happen in Andalusia. “It is applicable to a certain moment – ​​he stressed – and to a certain community”. The popular baron wants to prevent the pact with Vox from clouding the landing of the new national leader and has ordered the investiture debate to be “expedited as much as possible”. He sees it as difficult for next week but he doesn’t want his inauguration to be delayed. And by that time he expects the government structure to be “closed.”

The distribution of the portfolios is still to be negotiated. The popular ones trust that the Family Council will remain under their mantle. A portfolio to which, in principle, those of Abascal aspire, as they have hinted, along with that of Agriculture and that of Development and Environment.

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