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Feijóo, on Ayuso’s measures: “I would not feel responsible”

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Nuñez-Feijóo.

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Nuñez-Feijóo.

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has stated that “He would not feel responsible” if he had to apply the measures in Galicia against the pandemic approved in the Community of Madrid, where the hotel industry is still open. “Therefore, I have opted for another (decision),” he added.

This has been stated in an interview published this Sunday in ‘La Voz de Galicia’ and collected by Europa Press, in which the also leader of the Galician PP has addressed the situation of the health crisis in the Community and in Spain, among other issues political news.

In the same week that the Xunta decreed the closure of the hotel business and, when questioned about the looser restrictions that his Madrid counterpart, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has chosen, Feijóo has said that he knows “the epidemiological situation of Galicia” and that the Government of the Community of Madrid is “responsible for his”.

“There is a debate about what is safer, a meal at a home or in a restaurant, which has safety distances, a control, a capacity limit … That discussion exists, and it is legitimate on the other hand”, has explained.

Of course, then he added: “Madrid has chosen a decision for which I would not feel responsible if I had to apply it in Galicia and, therefore, I have opted for another “.

Illa “was acting as a candidate”

On the first weekend of the campaign for the Catalan elections on February 14, Feijóo has assured that the head of the PSC list, Salvador Illa, “he was acting as a candidate for the Generalitat “during his last dates as Minister of Health.

“During all this time he has been the minister of the pandemic in the morning and the candidate for the Generalitat in the afternoon. A pandemic is not effective to manage part-time,” he said.

Thus, regarding the refusal of the Ministry to allow curfew advances and home confinements as requested by the communities, Feijóo has linked him to this electoral appointment and has said that “the majority” of regional presidents have “only health interests” and ask for “tools”.

“I hope the incidence will go down and not have to make these decisions as of February 14, because that would be irresponsible difficult to assimilate. I hope that one thing has nothing to do with the other, but true and true is that there is one series of data and a series of incontestable facts in which the Government is unfortunately not neutral, it has political interests, “he wielded, in the interview in ‘La Voz de Galicia’.

Health “disability”

Although the president of the Xunta has valued that Illa is “a dialogue and respectful person”, considers that his highlights in the face of the pandemic “are not salvageable” and recalled: “When the Ministry of Health tried to control the pandemic, it proved its inability to control and for a long time he has had a role more of a commentator or illustrated companion “.

That said, he has approached the new minister of the field, Carolina Darias, to suggest “that he dedicate himself only to the pandemic, which is not bad.” “At least we will have a full-time minister, which is not a minor issue,” he added.

In any case, he has refused to make “political criticism” in the interview in ‘La Voz de Galicia’, in which he has assured that “when” the health crisis passes “there will be things to organize.”

Government “minimally coherent”

“Because anyway. A government that was minimally consistent with its decisions would invalidate that candidate, that minister. And that minimally coherent government should explain to the Spanish why Catalonia has not asked for an electoral delay, “he stressed.

And it is that, according to his words, this situation causes that people “do not want to go to the tables”, politicians “skip the municipal confinements to campaign” and “the whole priority of the Government in functions of Catalonia in campaign and not in the pandemic. ”

“And the people who have attacked the Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy say that they will do it again and the Government values ​​the possibility of pardoning them,” added Feijóo, which has served to warn that “instead of having a health pandemic in some part of Spain seems to be a political pandemic “.


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