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Feijóo seduces the Catalan business community with the defense of autonomy and a plan with more economic openness




Applause and satisfaction from the Catalan business community to Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who this Friday presented his government alternative based on double stability: politics and economics. Feijóo has participated in the conference of the Círculo de Economía, which Pedro Sánchez will close today, presenting himself as a convinced autonomist, marking differences with Vox and pointing out that it does not make the leap to national politics to oppose but to present an alternative to Sánchez.

The president of the PP has displayed his skills as a speaker with a background in government management and a recognized autonomist to win the sympathy of the members of the Círculo de Economía, an entity that, through its president, Xavier Faus, has claimed today, once again, “A better fit of Catalonia in Spain” from the point of view of “national” recognition, an improvement in regional financing and greater decentralization of the State.

Although Feijóo, during his speech, has not entered directly into any of the issues raised by Faus, he has sent a personal message in the form of a letter of introduction recalling that Catalonia is “a nationality”, recognizing that “the peoples (of Spain) have their own identities” and that “fertile identity is one that can be added to others and build bridges”. Aspects that, from his point of view, are included in the 1978 Constitution.

The leader of the popular, who last year took part in the same forum held in Barcelona as president of the Xunta de Galicia, has valued the identity differences within the Constitution, has defended the theoretical approach of the autonomous State (” a happy meeting”) and has demanded that “the State” not be confused with the central government. “The autonomies are a State”, has claimed.

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Government economic unreality

Once the leader of the autonomist opposition was presented, Feijóo focused his speech on the economy and the need for Spain to have political stability so that the economy improves. “Economics and Politics They are the two sides of a wish that we all share, which is stability. Our country is suffering from both, political instability and economic instability », she lamented.

Along these lines, he has expressed his disappointment at the “regrettable” internal division of the Government that, in his opinion, “feeds political instability.” An instability that is also reflected in the economic proposals of the Executive. Measures that, for Feijóo, do not conform to reality. «The economic reality of Spain has nothing to do with the unreality that the Government He wants us to see things,” he said.

Before the Catalan businessmen, in his first major act in an economic forum since his appointment as president of the PP, the still president of the Xunta presented the four great objectives of the plan of the popular in economic matters for Spain, «a plan for Spain carried out based on forecasts from studies by various cabinets and people who have managed public accounts of extraordinary difficulty».

Thus, Feijóo has detailed that Spain needs a rationalization of public spending, that is, that the Government reduces the superfluous spending of the General State Administration, and must adjust the income rate, which not fit since 2008, as he recalled, omitting that between 2011 and 2019 the PP governed with Mariano Rajoy as president of the Executive.

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It has also proposed lowering VAT by 5% on electricity and gas; and redesign the execution of European funds, so that, for example, 7% of the funds (4,900 million euros) are allocated to “a fiscal package” that is managed by companies And, finally, he has defended the need to carry finished structural reforms, namely, «a change of culture from the administration».

An economic plan “We would have approved if we were in the Government”, He has said, regretting that Sánchez has not accepted any of these proposals, which Feijóo himself presented to him at his meeting held in La Moncloa, shortly after being appointed president of the PP. “Sánchez has made the wrong allies, once again.”

1992 Olympic spirit and relationship with Vox

Feijóo closed his presentation to the Catalan business community with a reference to the Barcelona Olympic Games, held in 1992. «Let’s recover the Olympic spirit of Barcelona’92, in Olympic Barcelona the Spain we want was forged, a Spain with differences but united in essentials”, he offered them.

Finally, in response to one of the members of the Circle of Economy, the leader of the PP has marked distances with Vox, even acknowledging that he needs recover between 16 and 18 percent of those who now vote for the party led by Santiago Abascal.

«Vox is a split from the center-right of Spain, who is most harmed by the center-right. Upset? Yes. Several things differentiate us: we are a pro-European party, an autonomist party and a party of public managers. Vox is not clear about its European policies, it does not believe in Title VIII of the Constitution and it has not managed anything. A good answer, has added Faus.

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