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Feijóo will be appointed senator, will have capacity and will be able to debate face to face with Sánchez




The President of the People’s Party, Alberto Nunez Feijoowill be appointed regional senator by the Parliament of Galicia in the plenary session to be held at the end of the month, as confirmed today by sources from the People’s Party. Feijóo, who is not a deputy and could not exercise parliamentary activity as head of the opposition, thus secures a seat in the Cortes Generales, will have the recognition that is attached to the act of senator and will now be able to debate in front of Pedro Sánchez when he appears in the sessions control of the Senate, once a month.

Feijóo, who has already resigned from the
presidency of the Xunta de Galicia
is making an orderly transition to occupying the presidency of the PP full time and being able to exercise to the maximum as leader of the opposition.

Sources close to the president of the PP indicated that the appointment is not due to the attempt to want to participate in specific political debates in Congress, such as the State of the Nation. According to Sánchez, that was going to be held before July, but there is still no news of his call and the PP has serious doubts that the Prime Minister will keep his word.

“The designation as regional senator does not respond to interest in participating in that debate, but to be able to have parliamentary activity and presence from the Senate seat,” popular sources stressed.

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From the PP they have reported this Sunday that Juan Serrano, senator by regional appointment at the proposal of the Parliament of Galicia, will present his resignation tomorrow. The PP of Galicia will propose Alberto Núñez Feijóo to fill the vacancy that he leaves in the Senate. In this way, in the next few days Feijóo’s departure from the Xunta de Galicia will be formalized, the process of replacing him in the Galician PP will be completed, and his arrival in the Upper House will be activated.

Within the framework of this renewal, add the same popular sources, Elena Muñoz is also expected to resign as senator by regional appointment tomorrow, and the person proposed to replace her in the exercise of said functions will be Miguel TelladoDeputy Secretary of Organization of the PP, and Feijóo’s right-hand man in the Galician PP.

Feijóo, as president of the Popular Party, is already in fact President of the Popular Parliamentary Group of the Congress and the Senate, so he can chair the meetings of deputies and senators in both chambers. In addition, the office of head of the opposition that is in Congress would also correspond to him, according to parliamentary sources of the PP.

For now, it is still pending reorganization of parliamentary groups, specifically the designation of a number two in Congress, who supports Cuca Gamarra, who is currently the spokesperson and general secretary of the PP. Gamarra will continue to be ‘number one’ in Congress and will be the one who continues to confront Sánchez in the control sessions and in the debates, but the election of another weighty person is expected to support the tasks of spokesperson.

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In it Senate, the current spokesman, Javier Maroto, has just been proposed to be reappointed regional senator by the Cortes of Castilla y León. In the PP it is pending to know what structure Feijóo wants in the Senate after his arrival. The leader of the PP will be, logically, the ‘number one’ of the Popular Group, but the daily tasks of spokesperson would be carried out by another person, who could continue to be Maroto, although other names sound among the popular in the pools.

Feijóo has already announced that he will settle in Madrid definitively “for Saint Isidro”. And it will be in the second half of May when he makes the decisions that affect the parliamentary groups and the second steps of the Genoa structure. For now, tomorrow, Monday, there will be a Management Committee in Genoa and a telematic National Executive Committee, but according to PP sources, no decision on new appointments is expected to be made. The PP will also celebrate on Monday, in the Berlin Park, Europe Day.

In the Senate, one of those who loses the record is Elena Muñoz, a former candidate for Mayor of Vigo, who surprised the party in recent months by supporting the non-official candidate for the PP of Vigo, also Senator Javier Guerra, against the candidate closest to Feijoo, who was Marta Fernández-Tapias.

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