Tuesday, September 21

Felipe González urges politicians to consensus beyond ideologies

Former Prime Minister Felipe González

Former Prime Minister Felipe González
German Knight

Former Prime Minister Felipe González has asked this Friday to the political leaders to abandon the policy of “hatred” and “rancor” and try to join forces, through dialogue, to reach “transversal” agreements that give “certainty” to the population.

In his speech by videoconference during the inauguration of the cycle of conferences “Meetings of the future”, organized by the Social Council of the University of La Laguna and the Cabildo de Tenerife, the former socialist president has defended that the essence of political leaders is to give certainty to the citizens.

And the only way to provide it, in such a changing horizon, “in which it is not known which will be the next dribble of the virus”, is to spirit of consensus beyond ideologies. “One of the things that most confuses at this moment is the feeling that we do not agree, that we always have something to criticize of the other, whatever their position, and that creates enormous confusion, “he remarked.

In this sense, González has assured that the political tension is fracturing society and families, at a time when “what it is necessary to preserve, above all, it is the coexistence“, he insisted. In the opinion of the former president, despite the fact that the vaccine opens a perspective of” hope “and” light “, today the only certainty,” although we try to guess the post-pandemic “, is the uncertainty”, has asserted.

“Still today we cannot know if there will be a third or fourth wave, nor when will a sufficient degree of immunization be reached or if this immunization will affect only those countries with sufficient capacity to extend the vaccination process, “he continued.

In this sense, Felipe González has also highlighted the importance of being transparent with citizensBecause “although we are not yet in a position to assess the damage,” it is convenient to make society see, “to avoid future frustrations” that the social, economic and even educational consequences will last for years.

During his speech, the former Prime Minister has praised the reaction of the European Union to the pandemicFor the first time, monetary policies of the European Central Bank have been combined “with a multi-year budget, a reconstruction fund and indebtedness of this magnitude,” he pointed out. However, despite “things being done well”, available funds and resources may “not be sufficient” to get out of the crisis, the socialist has recognized, nor to face “the other pandemic, permanent and silent”: climate change.

In relation to the EU, the former socialist president has indicated that he would also like to be able to praise the European migration policy, “but there isn’t.” “I wish there was an immigration policy to be able to say if I like it or not, but what there is is a responsibility vacuum that Europe must assume, “he declared.

Despite all the above, Felipe González has assured that does not give up the futureBecause although the world “has punished us with the pandemic,” never before “have we had so many instruments and knowledge to change reality,” he concluded.


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