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Felipe VI and Pablo Casado accompany Lasso in his inauguration as president of Ecuador



The former right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso has been invested as president of Ecuador for a period of four years by the head of the unicameral National Assembly, Guadalupe Llori, in a ceremony held in the legislative session hall in Quito.

“You are legally in office as president of the Republic of Ecuador,” said Llori after taking his oath. He also girded his band with the legend: “My power in the Constitution.”

Guillermo Lasso has exhorted all Ecuadorians to wonder why a “so rich” country has such a “poor people” and has blamed that inheritance on rulers who incurred in “caudillismo” over the years.

«In this government that is born today, of the new century of republicanism (in Ecuador), the era of caudillos ends…. The era of the caudillos ends! “, Proclaimed Lasso in his inauguration speech, assuring that” he will govern for all “and to restore the values ​​of the struggle of the Ecuadorian patriots 200 years ago.

«The era of the caudillos is over!», Lasso proclaimed

He has also announced that “the political persecution in Ecuador is over” because he has not “come to satisfy the hunger of a few, but the hunger of many”, and has promised strengthen democracy to end “lacerating inequalities between the rural and urban world”, and a country that “has failed its youth in education and creation of opportunities, that keeps its retirees in the most humiliating oblivion, and where being a woman is not a disadvantage factor, but rather existential danger».

Act of oath

Lasso, a 65-year-old member of Opus Dei, was sworn in by Llori, as established in the Magna Carta, in the presence of the leaders of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro; Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader; and Haiti, Jovenel Moise, as well as the King of Spain, Felipe VI, according to Congress.

Felipe VI arrives for the investiture ceremony of President Guillermo Lasso
Felipe VI arrives for the investiture ceremony of President Guillermo Lasso – Efe

The government delegation of USA is led by its ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who upon his arrival in Quito this Sunday expressed that free elections such as those in which Lasso was designated constitute an example for democracy in the region.

The Secretariat of Communication had anticipated the participation in the investiture of the presidents of Colombia, Ivan Duque; Chile, Sebastian Piñera; and Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, who did not arrive.

With an acceptance of 60.5% of Ecuadorians, Lasso, who wore a dark suit and light blue tie at the inauguration, replaced Lenín Moreno, who had won the presidency promoted by the former socialist ruler Rafael Correa (2007-2017), who later became his opponent.

The popularity of Moreno, who was Correa’s vice president, plummeted from 53.4% ​​to 9.3% in four years, according to private pollster Cedatos.

Lasso became the first right-wing president elected in Ecuador in the last two decades after the period of institutional instability between 1997 and 2007, in which Ecuador had seven presidents. In his third attempt to come to power since 2013, the former conservative banker triumphed in the April 11 ballot, scoring 4.72 points more than the economist. Andres Arauz, 36 years old and dolphin Correa.

Lasso’s inauguration was also attended by Ibero-American right-wing political leaders such as Pablo Casado, a member of the Popular Party, or the former rulers Jose Maria Aznar, from Spain; Álvaro Uribe and Andrés Pastrana, both from Colombia; in addition to the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López.

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