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Felipe VI encourages companies to redouble their efforts to start the recovery

King Felipe VI has encouraged companies to “redouble efforts in this scenario of so much uncertainty” so that the “much desired and necessary” recovery, with the administration of vaccines and the management of European funds, start as soon as possible this year.

In the closing in Zaragoza of the V Business Summit for the Competitiveness of Aragon, in which the Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation also spoke, Nadia Calvin, the president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, and the leader of CEOE-Aragón, Richard Mar., the king has praised the effort that employers are making to keep their companies afloat or in operation and, consequently, by workers in such adverse circumstances and scenarios.

On the spot, the king has awarded the 2020 Aragon Entrepreneur Award to companies that have contributed to the fight against the pandemic and its effects through the solidarity initiative “Aragón en Marcha”, whose “excellent” work and commitment to alleviate, as far as possible, the negative effects caused by covid-19 in the region, and throughout Spain, has praised.

They have collected the recognition of managers of 22 companies representing the more than 40 whose direct, economic, productive and logistical involvement was essential to face the pandemic in Aragon in the first weeks of maximum urgency and lack of medical supplies, as well as to help later combat its socioeconomic effects through donations to social entities.

In his speech, the king highlighted his solidarity and generosity in providing, when sanitary material was scarce, all the means at his disposal to produce it or to manage its acquisition using his connections and logistics networks. “You really are a great example to follow,” he remarked.

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In his speech, Don Felipe emphasized that the internationalization of the Spanish economy will be again, as in the crisis of 2008, one of the great engines of Recovery and the close public-private collaboration, he added, “is absolutely essential to implement and reinforce all the necessary measures” to preserve the Spanish export fabric, make it more resistant, so that it consolidates again as a pillar of growth and generation of quality employment.

He has pointed out that the specific case of Aragon, the export trend of its industry and the ability to recover international trade “They invite a certain optimism about the future”, according to the export figures of the Community, convinced that they will improve this year. Therefore, it has encouraged companies, although the Aragonese carry it “from the cradle”, to redouble their efforts in this scenario of uncertainty.

“You know well, and I always tell you, that The Crown is and will always be by your side in your desire to undertake, innovate, and generate wealth with which to contribute to the prosperity of Aragon and the whole of Spain “, he concluded.

Calvin, for his part, has focused his speech on three words: solidarity, determination and unity of action before the pandemic and the recovery of its effects. Since March, he added, “among all” a “safety net” to support companies and workers, based on ERTE, ICO credits, payment moratoriums and the benefit to the self-employed, which amounts, as calculated, 20 percent of GDP.

All this has made it possible, he added, that since the summer the economy has begun to recover. To do this, the priority now is to put the Recovery, Renewal and Resilience Plan into operation “as soon as possible” always from the unity of action. social dialogue, with special mention also to trade unions.

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And, finally, he has praised the character and virtues of the Aragonese, based on “pride, ambition, responsibility and hard work”, which are also “the best traits of the Spanish character”.

President Lambán has praised the patriotism and social responsibility demonstrated during the covid-19 pandemic by companies, as well as the vocation of unity and pact of Aragonese society to undertake the task of recovery, demonstrated in the Aragonese Strategy for Recovery that was signed in June by seven political forces of the Cortes (all except Vox), employers, unions and the local world.

For his part, president of CEOE-Aragon, Ricardo Mur, has warned of the “devastating” impacts of a pandemic that has caused the death of more than 3,000 people in Aragon, thousands of infections and the disappearance of thousands of companies and jobs.

A pandemic arose, in March 2020, the initiative “Aragón en march”, understanding, -Mur has stressed- “that the union of all made us stronger”, aligned from the first moment with the Government of Aragon, ” bordering “the issues that can separate them to focus on helping” in priority “, among other issues, to bring masks from China, which was” a titanic task. ”

In any case, it has indicated that the duration of the crisis requires short-term “courageous and indispensable” measures, such as direct aid to the most affected sectors, the extension of ERTE or the lack of return of ICOs, and in the medium term, the transformation of the production model in Aragon, Spain and all of Europe. “Businesswomen and businessmen, together we will get out of this. Make no mistake about it,” he asserted.

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