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Félix Verdejo allegedly hit, drugged and tied Keishla’s body to a block before throwing her off the bridge in Puerto Rico

The criminal complaint of a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reveals that the Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo, indicted at the federal level for the kidnapping and murder of the young pregnant woman Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Ortiz, with whom she was romantically involved, beat and drugged her before tying her to a block and throwing her through the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in Puerto Rico then shoot him.

The 27-year-old victim, who was supposedly expecting a child from the fighter, had agreed to meet on the day of the events, April 29, with Verdejo of the same age to show him a blood test confirming the pregnancy.

The statement of FBI special agent Lorenzo Vilanova Pérez refers to the confession of a cooperating witness in the case that Verdejo would have contacted him on Tuesday to help him commit the crime.. The collaborator of the federal authorities has not been identified at the moment.

The accomplice told Vilanova Pérez that, last Thursday, Verdejo contacted the victim to be near her residence, and the witness accompanied the accused to the appointment in his Dodge Durango bus.

When Keishla arrived in a part of the metropolitan area in his Kia Forte, he got on the boxer’s bus.

After a conversation, the deadly attack on the victim began.

“After a conversation between Verdejo and the victim in Verdejo’s car, Verdejo hit the victim in the face, and she was injected with a syringe full of substances purchased at a drug store in the Llorens Torres residential area. Verdejo and the witness then tied the victim’s hands and feet with a cable. The victim was tied with a concrete block. The witness took the victim’s keys and drove her car that was nearby, ”reads the complaint from federal authorities.

“Verdejo and the witness drove the two vehicles to the Teodoro Moscoso bridge that spans the San José lagoon, between San Juan and Carolina,” the document continues. “Verdejo and the witness drove to the bridge where the victim was removed from the car and thrown over the side of the bridge into the water. Verdejo shot the victim from the bridge with a pistol. The victim’s car was later abandoned ”.

“On April 30, police officers (PRPB) found the victim’s vehicle in Canóvanas,” the complaint states.

Puente Teodoro Moscoso murder Keishla Rodriguez Felix Verdejo
The area of ​​the Teodoro Moscoso bridge through which the body of Keishla Marlen Rodríguez would have been thrown. Photo by RICARDO ARDUENGO / AFP via Getty Images.

Verdejo will remain in prison and without bail

Verdejo, who turned himself in to federal authorities on Sunday, faces charges for kidnapping that resulted in death, “carjacking” that resulted in the death and death of an unborn baby.

A person who saw a body floating in the San José lagoon on Saturday afternoon alerted the authorities. Hours later, the Institute of Forensic Sciences (IFC) confirmed that it was the body of Keishla who had been reported missing on Thursday morning after indicating to relatives that he would meet with Verdejo.

Since Friday, the feds tracked the victim’s and Verdejo’s phones as part of the investigation. Reports from the call files suggest that the last person Keishla spoke with was Verdejo. In addition, investigators seized evidence on the bridge such as traces of blood and footage from security cameras.

At the moment, Verdejo remains detained without the right to bail in the Guaynabo federal prison.

A report this Tuesday in El Nuevo Día indicates that the Federal Marshals Service in Puerto Rico He took additional measures to ensure the boxer’s safety in the face of the threats he has been receiving in the past few days.

“The US Marshals Service does not tolerate or support any type of violence against any human being,” the office said in written statements. “Our agency provides a safe and humane treatment, medical services and transportation to all federal prisoners throughout the United States and its territories,” he added.

The boxer, nicknamed “The Diamond”, is exposed to a life sentence or death penalty if convicted. Capital punishment applies under charges of kidnapping and “carjacking” with death. Local authorities on the island are also considering filing charges for murder.

Keishla’s mother was the first to point to Verdejo as a suspect

Keishla’s mother, Keila Ortiz Rivera, was among the first to target Verdejo as a suspect in the crime.

According to the mother’s story to various media on the island, the athlete had already threatened her and asked her to abort the baby.

The mother also alleged that on the day of the crime, Verdejo would meet Keishla to show him the proof that confirmed the pregnancy. The young woman had already shown her mother and sister a positive home test.

Verdejo’s own wife, Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra, confirmed to the authorities the extramarital affair between her husband and Keishla, which is why she allegedly planned to separate from Verdejo.

Regarding the allegations that Santiago Sierra knew of Verdejo’s intentions or had collaborated to carry out the murder, neither the federal nor the state authorities have confirmed any information.

At the moment, agents continue with the investigation and do not rule out more arrests.

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