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Félix Verdejo’s wife and his mother are summoned to the Federal Court in Puerto Rico as part of the investigation for the murder of Keishla Rodríguez

The Puerto Rican boxer Félix Verdejo is accused of murdering the young pregnant Keishla Rodríguez with whom he had an extramarital affair.

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Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra, wife of boxer Félix Verdejo, and her mother appeared this Wednesday in the Federal Court in Puerto Rico in relation to the case for the murder of Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz.

The newspaper El Vocero reported that the women appeared before a federal grand jury as a witness.

Usually, when a person is summoned before a grand jury, the members of that body interview those summoned. The group seeks to determine if there is sufficient evidence for the filing of charges.

Santiago Sierra and his mother arrived at noon yesterday at the Puerto Rico District Court on Avenida Carlos E. Chardón, in San Juan.

The aforementioned did not issue statements to the press who were waiting for them abroad. A lawyer accompanied them. After the respective security check at the entrance of the building, they continued on their way without addressing the press.

The newspaper highlights in its report that the summons of the women before the grand jury could be for the filing of an amended indictment. The presentation of amended specifications in which additional charges are filed and / or other persons are included, is something usual in criminal cases.

The summons before that panel, however, does not mean that they will face charges.

A few weeks ago, Verdejo’s mother, Madeline Sánchez Bonilla, was interviewed by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Santiago Sierra is not accused by the authorities, but on social networks

In social networks, Santiago Sierra is a popular character among those who consider that the young woman had knowledge of the plans against Rodríguez Ortiz and among those who even believe that he may have participated in the events.

The young woman’s silence since Verdejo was mentioned as a person of interest in Keishla’s disappearance has contributed to speculation. Some publications in networks also mention the father of Santiago Sierra.

At the moment, neither the local nor the federal authorities on the island have implicated these people in the case or as knowledgeable or active participants in the event.

Lawyer rejected involvement of Verdejo’s wife with Keishla’s murder

The lawyer Edwin Prado, who briefly represented the co-defendant in the Luis Antonio Cádiz Martínez case, rejected on the island’s television media that both had anything to do with the torture and murder of Keishla.

“Let me say something and I want it to be crystal clear, based on the research that this server did, based on what our client contributed to the investigation, the only two people who are in this construction are the two who are in this specification. accusatory, ”said the Florida-based attorney.

“Here in this case they have murdered two women, one was killed physically, and our condolences to Keishla’s family, and another is being killed while alive with defamation and tarnishing reputations. Verdejo’s wife has absolutely nothing to do with anything that happened there”Argued Prado.

According to Prado’s account, Cádiz Martínez contacted him to tell him that he wanted to confess to the authorities what they had done to Keishla.

Prado was the one who directed the current co-defendant before federal prosecutors.

In principle, Cádiz Martínez was identified as “Cooperating witness” of the federal government. But then he was included in the indictment of a grand jury as a friend of Verdejo in the events.

Cádiz Martínez detailed how they killed Rodríguez Ortiz

Cádiz Martínez told prosecutors that he accompanied Verdejo to the appointment with Rodríguez Ortiz in the metropolitan area in an area not far from the victim’s apartment in the Villa Esperanza residential area. There, the young woman got into Verdejo’s Dodge Durango. The boxer would have hit her in the face and both they injected her with fentanyl and heroin to render her unconscious, according to the testimony of the co-defendant. Then they tied her up and threw her over the Teodoro Moscoso bridge towards the San José lagoon with a block. As Keishla’s still-alive body fell into the water, Verdejo shot her twice, but missed her. The young woman died of asphyxia by immersion.

Santiago Sierra planned to separate from Verdejo

Santiago Sierra, who had a two-year-old daughter with the boxer, knew of Verdejo’s romantic relationship with Rodríguez Ortiz, who was pregnant with the athlete at the time of her murder.

When the crime was reported, a report from the aforementioned newspaper indicated that Santiago Sierra planned to separate from Verdejo or was in that process when he discovered text messages between his partner and the victim.

Santiago Sierra had a makeup and beauty business and also shared beauty tutorials from his social media accounts.
On Instagram alone, he has more than 50,000 followers.

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