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Fempa trains workshops to repair connected cars

A moment of training in Fempa.

A moment of training in Fempa.

The training center of the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of the Province of Alicante, FEMPA, hosts these days a national training action in which expert teachers from different parts of Spain participate in order to train in access to Information Repair and Maintenance (RMI) of vehicles and thus, in turn, train the associated workshops in their respective provinces.

This training has been developed at FEMPA throughout the week, focusing each day on different vehicle brands or manufacturers.

The aforementioned training is part of the project launched by the Spanish Confederation of Workshops, CETRAA, for the universalization in the workshop sector of access to repair and maintenance information recognized in European regulations. FEMPA (whose President, Guillermo Moreno, currently holds a vice-presidency of CETRAA through ATAYAPA, the association of workshops of the province of Alicante) will provide for the associated workshops of the province of Alicante, the training necessary for any workshop, independent or brand, can access all the technical information necessary for the correct repair and maintenance of vehicles, in current times, where the connected vehicle is already a reality

This RMI project is fundamentally based on three pillars (training, service and information) with which the possibility will be opened to the workshops of accessing the information of the car manufacturer on equal terms.

In this way, FEMPA will offer specific training courses for each brand, manufacturer or group of manufacturers in accessing Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) both at level I and level II, including reprogramming, diagnosis and access. to the electronic control units of the vehicle.

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Likewise, FEMPA will help workshops that wish to carry out the accreditation process with the car manufacturers and brands of their choice.

On the other hand, FEMPA is working on the organization of training courses in electric vehicles to respond to the growing need of workshops to train in the maintenance and repair of this type of vehicle and, especially, in the risks they entail and in the necessary safety measures to adopt for the handling of high voltage parts.

In this way, FEMPA is committed to sustainable mobility, also offering its associated companies preferential conditions for the development and implementation of charging points for electric vehicles.

In a different vein, FEMPA is going to promote the essential digital transformation process of ATAYAPA repair shops. Through the program, the Federation launches a new Digital Transformation Office, Accelera Pyme, to facilitate the digitization process of companies and digital entrepreneurship.

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