Wednesday, February 21

Fernando Colom | “You have to live in the present. Worrying before things happen is useless»

yese graduated in Architecture because his father flatly refused to let him study Fine Arts, but he ended up making films: he is a director, producer, screenwriter and actor. He is 76 years old and is an expert in comedies of good vibes … in spite of himself. He says that comedies come out even when he doesn’t want to be funny, that he doesn’t know how to make movies that don’t have humor. His motto: “Take what you have.”

“I think that the secret to enjoying life is not letting your guard down and continuing to do things with enthusiasm. That thing about retiring, getting up at whatever time you want and staying there dozing, like waiting to kick it, that doesn’t go with me. The Japanese have a word to define it: the ikigai. It is about finding an occupation or a hobby that you really like and continue doing it always. If, in addition, what you do contributes something to the world, it makes your self-esteem rise. To me, without realizing it, the 76 have been thrown at me, but I work more than when I was 30».

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