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Fernando Sembrador, the return to the ‘serony’

Fernando Sembrador shows one of the posters that make up the Villanovense campaign. / TODAY


The Serón artist has designed the Villanovense membership campaign in a wink from the club to local talent

Villanovense promised to return to the ‘serony’ and has wanted to make his intention clear since the season ticket holder campaign. The new board of directors from Serona advanced that promise in the assembly of partners and, as the movement is demonstrated, the first step has been to bet on local talent for this campaign that has the designs of the artist from Villanova, Fernando Sembrador, designer of the well-known emoticons Extremadurans.

With the motto ‘The emotion of growing up with you’, Sembrador’s creativity accompanies the billboard that is also committed to the way of speaking in Extremadura, with that expression of ‘Acho’ that also has its place alongside ‘extremeñu’. “I think it is the first time in the history of football that a club is completely committed to our original and unique way of speaking, to what is Extremadura and what is ours,” said the artist at the presentation of this campaign, which also coincides with the 30 Anniversary of the Villanovense Football Club.

“The best way to recover our heritage is by speaking it and we all know that we want to continue speaking it, we want to continue preserving our words and our traditions,” he continued.

These are the words of an artist who does not feel like he is passionate about this sport, but who was able to feel the emotion of a proposal that came from his city’s team. “I’m not much into soccer, but I am into emotions,” he confessed, “but already in the first call I saw a lot of feeling and it was a safe decision on my part.”

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Sembrador, who is also one of the creators of the Axo Extremadura brand, considers that through this collaboration “two tribes come together, the Axo Extremadura tribe and the Villanovense tribe, I hope that this fusion also brings a lot of luck.”

shoots and roots

At the design level, the local artist highlights the creation of various symbols such as the soccer ball, the goal or the shield that has a bud and roots “for all those who the club reaches this moment without forgetting all those who are not and the wings that the club needs with this renewal of approaching the youngest. However, he also intends to reflect in the different designs the generational change that Villanovense seeks through its new board of directors, also being a cultural reference.

Through this campaign it is also intended to reinforce the feeling of identity of the population of Villanueva de la Serena with the team «to feel again that our people live the emotion for what is theirs, for what is ours, which in this case is the team of His town; and to say again that ‘we are villains’ is important for Villanueva and for the club».

In short, it is about some green shoots sown, never better said, by Fernando Sembrador that Villanovense hopes to see germinate in this next campaign through renovations, but also new partners who return to recover the illusion in the stands of the municipal stadium Villanovan.

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