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Fernando Simón points out that, for the moment, “it would not be necessary to vaccinate for monkeypox”



The epidemiologist and director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simonhas launched this Thursday a message of “calm and caution” in the presence of monkeypox, an infection for which, for the moment, he has pointed out that “it would not be necessary to vaccinate in Spain.”

Before a presentation on Covid-19 at the Orense College of Physicians, the epidemiologist assured: «We need know a little better the existing information, assess it better to be able to give an exact answer. Right now what is needed is calm and a little bit of margin for the investigative technicians to do their job perfectly,” he requested, recalling that Spain has a surveillance system “that is trying to be very sensitive to detect the greatest number of cases. possible”.

In this way, he has said that “it is not known” if more cases will appear, but “it would not be disposable». “There are people with smallpox who have not yet been contacted and there are people who have not started symptoms,” added the epidemiologist, who has also responded to doubts about vaccination for this disease.

«Right now, with the information we have and the initial position of the experts in Spain, it would not be necessary to vaccinate», he stressed, although «it is an option».

Despite these statements, he has warned that this statement “may change in a few days depending on the information that is arriving”, so “we must be cautious when making this type of proposal”.

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Different from UK

In addition, Simón has emphasized that the decision to vaccinate or not should not be allowed “to be imposed for non-technical-scientific reasons, due to pressures outside the areas that must decide on this type of situation.”

He made reference to the United Kingdom, affirming that the situation in both countries they are not comparable because they “have had several imported cases and several small outbreaks in recent years.” “Their situation is different from ours and from that of other European countries,” he stressed.

With regard to the purchase of vaccines, he explained that the injections that are being proposed are not only used for monkeypox, but also for other pathologies, “therefore you have to first know if there is a need to vaccinate and you have to have the room to assess whether it would be feasible or not. “If there would be availability for us and also for all the countries that might need them,” he added.

In this same sense, Simón has asked that “things not get out of hand” and that “they be taken with a certain calm”, advancing that the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health are working on a document that “indicates the rules and guidelines to manage relationships with animals.

However, in Spain “a priori habitual pets should not be a greater risk, although it must be studied carefully.”

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