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Ferran Torres, the latest invention revalued by Guardiola

  • The City forward wanted by Barça covers the absence of a striker that the coach does not have, but his injury has diluted his role in the team

  • In the offices of the English club, the expedition of Mateo Alemany and Ferran Reverter to sign a player who will not come cheaply

The last great afternoon of Ferran torres leave it to Pep Guardiola bowled over. “In this new position, Ferran makes us moves to the space of the level of the best forwards, such as Jamie Vardy. He’s a good finisher and he’s very young. The directive of the Manchester city he did an excellent job signing him. ” The Valencian striker had just left one of his best performances at the Etihad Stadium first, two goals and an assist to destroy Arsenal 5-0, and then a confirmation: Pep had discovered a forward.

Precisely this has been the last evolution of the Foios footballer in England. All the games he played for City before he was injured were as a center forward. Partly due to the urgencies of the team, which was unable to sign a striker last summer, but also because of the potential that Pep envisioned.

The noise about the interest of Barça landed by surprise among the ‘citizen’ fans. It aimed to be the season of his consecration, with seven starts in the first eight games of the season. In October he was injured in the Nations League with Spain and has not played anymore. However, the return of Foden after his injury and the rise of Bernardo silva a little earlier, at the end of September, they got him off the starting eleven. An indicator of the way that he still has to go to be indisputable in Manchester.

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“We are not going to give gifts”

Guardiola assured last Friday that they do not close the club’s door to anyone who is unhappy: “I have always told my players not to stay if they don’t want to be here. That they do it for them, but also for the club. Has no sense. However, we are not giving gifts either. When we go to sign, they raise our price for being Manchester City. So if someone wants to go out, they are not going to do it for free. “

In the world of transfers there is nothing easy. In 2020, Manchester City paid a fixed € 24 million to incorporate the player, a market opportunity since his contract with Valencia was coming to an end. A year and a half later, Ferran Torres has scored almost twice as many goals for City (16) as he did for club Ché (9). And he has achieved it in less than half of the matches played (97 with the Valencia shirt, 43 with the City).

His explosion is also reflected in the national team, where he has become the spearhead of the project of Luis Enrique. Before emigrating to England, neither had a guaranteed place in the summons. In the Manchester City offices they are aware of the added value that they have contributed to the footballer. And that’s why, to let it out, they want to charge it. It seems as impossible that Ferran Torres left the Premier for less than 50 million as that Barça and its economic emergencies can undertake the signing today. In fact, in Manchester the expedition of Mateo Alemán and Ferran Reverter to the club offices to negotiate a transfer that would not be cheap.

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Devotion for her dogs

There is little doubt about the attraction of Ferran Torres for the Barça project. First, because his status at the Camp Nou after a major outlay would have little discussion. Second, because he would find a litter of young footballers, with ambition and old friends. Eric Garcia, the current Barça center-back, was one of the Valencian’s great supporters when he landed in Manchester thanks to a relationship woven from his calls in the lower ranks of the Spanish team. Is also Pedri, with whom he shares the limelight in ‘Kick Out Plastic’, a non-profit initiative of which both have no image and which fights to eliminate single-use plastics. With the canary, in addition, they also share a representation agency.

In the center of this hurricane, Ferran Torres only has to go on and wait. He will do it in Hale, an exclusive district on the outskirts of Manchester where the player resides. Many young City footballers choose to live in an apartment in the city center when they arrive: due to social life and proximity to the sports city. It was not the case of Ferran, who in Hale found a residence with the garden and enough space for his dogs, for which he has absolute devotion.

Quiet life

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In this year and a half he has had a quiet life in Manchester, partly forced by the pandemic situation. In its first campaign, the city barely emerged from lockdown. He signed a contract with City until 2025, so he does not hold a position of strength to push the club towards an exit. The perception is that, although the blue side of Manchester does not close before a sale, the operation has a difficult solution.

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The goal is paid, Ferran has it and City wants to collect it. While Laporta, German and Reverter They do numbers, and Xavi rubs his hands, Pep Guardiola will continue to have his latest invention, the false nine most forward that Manchester City has.

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