Sunday, August 1

Ferraz promotes the candidate for the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Espadas

Juan Espadas greets José Luis Ábalos.

Juan Espadas greets José Luis Ábalos.

The PSOE has organized this Sunday in Seville an act framed in the presentation of the presentations of its 40th Congress that has served to launch the candidate to the Board, Juan Espadas, which the party has put as “referent” of municipalism and as an example to access governments such as Andalusia.

A week after his triumph in the socialist primaries, the already candidate for the Junta de Andalucía acts as such and as host in an act focused on the area of ​​municipalism of the PSOE Framework Report to its 40th Federal Congress, to be held in Valencia on October 17.

Together with the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and Secretary of Organization, Jose Luis Ábalos, they have intervened Hana Jalloul, Socialist spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly and coordinator of the presentation of the 40th congress of the PSOE; Lina Galvéz, general coordinator of the presentation and deputy in the European Parliament and Jose Manuel Miñones, speaker of the presentation on municipalities and the rural world and delegate of the Government in Galicia.

Without mention of Susana Díaz

The event, in which no one mentioned Susana Díaz, was attended by about three hundred people, according to the organization, and the references to Juan Espadas as the socialist mayor of the city with more inhabitants and as a candidate were constant on the part of the participants, as well as the applause.

Ábalos, who praised Espadas and the primary process in the PSOE-A, defended that the characteristics of socialist municipalism are participation, co-government, transparency and welfare services, to which the energy efficiency, digital transformation and equality.

José Manuel Quiñones put Espadas as an example and reference of the socialist mayors of the entire country and praised their capacity for dialogue, while defending that municipalism is in the DNA of the PSOE and that has meant the learning of the most important leaders of the party.

Second decentralization

Both Quinones and Espadas advocated the need for undertake the so-called second decentralization to reinforce the competences of the city councils, as well as their financing, an extreme that the mayor of Seville described as “urgent” so that they can face in better conditions the crises caused by the covid-19.

In this sense, Espadas has asked the president of the Board, the popular Juanma Moreno, that collaborates with the city councils and the provincial councils to achieve the economic recovery of Andalusia, and has warned that otherwise the “PSOE-A will be their worst nightmare.”

The socialist candidate, who has intervened before the PSOE Secretary of Organization, has been accompanied by many of the leaders who have supported his internal struggle with Susana Díaz, such as the president of the Jaén Provincial Council, Francisco Reyes; the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz; or whoever was the spokesperson for the former president on the Board, Miguel Ángel Vázquez.

Also present was José Luis Ruiz Espejo, general secretary of the PSOE of Malaga, a province in which Espadas won a narrow victory despite the fact that its leader showed his public support for Díaz in the primaries.

The act, already begun, has also arrived Maria Jesus Montero, spokesman for the Government of Spain and Minister of Finance, after being vaccinated with the second dose against Covid-19, and the Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, as well as several mayors of the province and members of the federal Executive such as Alfonso Rodríguez Gomez de Celis.

Also present was the general secretary of UGT-A, Carmen Castilla, whom Espadas thanked for her attendance and stated that it would be a “cannon of votes” for each member of the union to vote for the PSOE in the next elections.

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