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Ferrerista apotheosis with the Victorines in Olivenza

When you complete 25 years of work in a company or an institution, they can give you a watch, give you a month of vacation or even offer you extra pay. Antonio Ferrera celebrates 25 years of alternative this season and has given himself a trap with six Victorino Martín bulls. Villafranco, for many a genius and for others an eccentric, is for all and without question a bullfighter of the time. His ability to create art in the most complicated circumstances and in the face of the most difficult bulls has made him one of the few swordsmen with the capacity to almost fill a square with a poster in which he appears as the only matador. Ten years after starring in Badajoz in a trap like today, with the horns of the crowned A, he once again faces the vermin of the Tiesas de Santa María in a challenge that amazes and frightens in equal parts.

Galapagueño was called the first of the Victorinos who came out to the oliventino round for Ferrera to test him with the cape before putting it very long on the horse after having left the picador alone in the ring. Spectacular punch that preceded a brief remove to leave the animal placed long again for a second punch. He cost more, but the bruise was ripped from the horse again in a new set much applauded by the lines. A good third of banderillas in charge of the first of the three acting crews. He began the task with the crutch in his left hand and played three very warm and deep naturals. Another batch of natives served to surrender to the lines before throwing the flannel to the right and verifying that for that python the one from the Stiffs wanted less noise. Left-handed and with the Olivenza Philharmonic as a soundtrack, Ferera continued drawing naturals that, despite lacking the depth of the first ones, continued to hit the stands. He reduced the distances to try to squeeze the right piton, but the lack of response made him ask for the steel. Half a very well placed lunge was enough for the first to double and Villafranco’s received the first trophy of the morning.

Mucamo, the second of the grays locked up for the Oliventine morning, burst into the bastioned square with an impetus that only Ferrera’s cape was able to calm. Once again, he asked the matador to leave the castoreño alone in the ring and put him back on the horse very long. Impressive gallop of the horned to face the puya between the two scratching stripes. Public applause for the purity of luck and remove by verónicas del Ibiza before asking for the change of third. Compromised turn of banderillas for Valdeoro and Fernando Sánchez before Ferrera doubled with his enemy in the third and he lost his hands. Already in the media, the matador tested the onslaught of the victorino from the right and soon found that his race made him repeat over and over again with class and ambition. on the left he also repeated but asked for another time and distance. He gave it to him from Villafranco and he ripped off a good pair of naturals, applauded by the respectable. Little by little, the animal shortened its route and forced Ferrera to shorten the distances and once again demonstrate his mastery in the art of the arrimón. A metisaca in the first lunge attempt and a deep puncture preceded a warning and a pithing that were rewarded by a standing ovation.

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Barbarian was the name of the third of the shod horns with the crowned A that came out of the pigsty door in Olivenza. Wearing a gorgeous light purple cape, he classily stuck his face into Ferrera’s percale in the capotero salute. Put in long like his brothers, he galloped in an amazing way until hitting the breastplate of the picador between the clamor of the lines. He returned to put Ferrera from the media to the bull and started again with such class and bravery that the public forced the picador to greet castoreño in hand. A tidy third of banderillas preceded the beginning of the task of Villafranco who was slow to offer the crutch to his enemy, something more walker than his brothers, but with the same caste as them. He matched Ferrera his bullfighting to the onslaught of the animal, gave him enough space and took two good sets of right hands. On the left he asked for another prescription from the cardeno and the matador prescribed it in shorter doses. Back to the right, the victorino began to develop the danger that is in his genes and showed why all bullfighters are not good at facing them. The greatest specialist in the ranks, however, knew how to treat him and emerged victorious from the match. A puncture and a well-placed lunge were enough for Moraleja’s man to roll and Ferrera to take a new ear.

Gallarete, which was the name of the fourth in the morning, violently ran into a burladero as soon as he jumped into the ring and lost his left python by the root to the displeasure of the public and the matador. The presidency considered that he should be changed and his halters broke into the arena to take him, unsuccessfully, to the corrals for which he had to be stabbed by the first of the outstanding, Álvaro de la Calle. The first hat, named True, became the fourth bis and, like his brother, was also put on the horse, although this time the luck was more lackluster. The incident with the fourth seemed to cool down the already very cold morning and the third of banderillas did not leave anything to review either. With the crutch, Ferrera understood that Verdadero needed a different treatment from his brothers and fought him for both pythons, without missing a house-brand defeat. Better on the left than on the right, Villafranco’s man managed to get several very committed naturals out of him. The Ibizan guy also played with his right hand, who didn’t stop until he saw his opponent’s will completely broken. Ferrera turned courage into art and was rewarded for it from the sidelines. A full lunge, somewhat dropped, served for the cardeno to roll and the matador to cut off one more ear.

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Madero had the name of the fifth in the morning, applauded when he appeared through the gate of bullpens for his exceptional presence. He used himself with class in the cape of Villafranco who chose to also put it long before the horse to complete an incredible charge, which was about to hit the equine and picador in the ring. The public, standing up, knew how to reward the action of the varilarguero and demanded that the matador put up at least a couple of banderillas. Ferrera agreed and placed the two sticks dressed with the flag of Extremadura with her usual mastery. The triumphant third ended with a matador and two of his banderilleros dismounted and acclaimed by the respectable. He offered Villafranco the death of the fifth to Jacinto Ortiz, representative of the property of the square, and began the task of muleta taking care of the forces of his enemy. He soon found out that the good python was the left one and the Victorian rewarded him by giving him the best naturals of the morning, up to that point. An exciting third round from the left unleashed the olés in the stands. He shortened the distances to try to also take advantage of the right python and began the particular protocol prior to the pardon. Another spectacular batch of natives ended up surrendering to the public. White handkerchiefs on the lines while Ferrera continued to give natural without stopping until the orange handkerchief appeared in the presidency and the Ibizan led his pardoned enemy to bullpens with muletazos. Victorino, Ferrera and the foreman, Félix majadas, shared a triumphant lap.

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After the Ferrerista apotheosis, Hermeneutico came out to close the place and Villafranco’s man did not want to miss the opportunity to bite one of his enemies himself. Put in long also, he was not, by far, the best punch of the morning. He got rid of the bad taste in his mouth with a kick for chicuelinas and returned to share the fate of banderillas with two of his subordinates. A good pair, house brand, dazzled the public who appreciated the gesture with a thunderous ovation. In the crutch, the sixth showed the race of his predecessors but collaborated much less in showing off the matador. Even so, if anyone is capable of getting the most out of a Victorian, it is Antonio Ferrera who continued to insist until he was subjected to his crutch. A deep puncture and a hair loss were necessary for the last one to roll and Ferrera will receive the last ovation of the morning.

Celebration sheet

  • Bulls
    Six horned cattle from Victorino Martín

  • Bullfighters
    Antonio Ferrera ear, ovation, ear, also, nooreja, two symbolic ears and tail, ovation

  • Plaza
    Fourth subscription celebration, second bullfight, three quarters of entry in the morning in which the sun burned and the shadow froze.

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