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Fidel: “This city deserves to be able to fill the stadium in Primera”

Fidel Chaves in the press room a few moments ago

Fidel Chaves in the press room a few moments ago

The franjiverde midfielder Fidel Chaves reinforced a few minutes ago at a press conference the positive message what players and coach are giving to the fans in recent days and assured that “we are going to leave our souls to keep the club where it deserves.”

In the dressing room, “the message is totally positive. This city, this club deserves to be able to fill this stadium in the First Division and experience big games “, he pointed out, while ensuring that”we are convinced that we are going to get it outWe know that it is very difficult, but we are going to leave our skin on it ”.

The first step, “get something positive against Sevilla on Saturday,” he highlighted. “We have shown that we can hurt any team and that we are doing things better, so we are sure that by putting our will and faith we can get a positive result ”, he detailed.

The Andalusian left inside recognized that “if we had chosen the script for Sevilla’s game against Barcelona, ​​we would have signed for them to play extra time, but Sevilla is a great team that is having a great season and with a great coach and such a wide staff that you will not notice much ”. On a physical level, Sevilla players “can be influenced a bit by fatigue, such as blows” on a mental level “when they are eliminated after a goal at the end of the game.” But “we know its potential,” Fidel warned.

To face the duel, “We must maintain order. It is the main thing. Trying that they are not comfortable with the ball and take advantage of the options, “said the franjiverde.

Chaves stressed that the Fran Escribá who has come to Elche now is different from the one who trained him in the past. “It is evident the experience that he has acquired in such large teams and competing in the First Division many games. I am convinced that he is the person who will lead us to keep us in First Division ”.

Asked if there are differences between the current coach and Almirón, Fidel acknowledged that “each coach has his way of seeing football and obviously differences exist. Since Escribá arrived we have played with two forwards, something that Almirón could not do more than once or twice due to injuries ”. With the previous one, “we had more output with the ball played. It is true that now Escribá has more influence on us being an orderly team. Before, carrying the weight of the game made us less organized. We also try to be more aggressive with Escribá ”.

To Almirón “I am very grateful for his trust”. About Escribá, “he has a way of working that has given many results in Elche and now the players are trying to adapt to it. ”

Regarding his injury, Fidel acknowledges that “at first we did not think it would be so important, but it has been the most serious injury of my career. One day I was fine but the next I took a step back. It has been 6 or 7 tough and complicated weeks, but I have already been training with the group for a couple of weeks, I have played in two games, I feel good, I do not have any discomfort in the area. Obviously I don’t have that spark from before, that rhythm, but now I am precisely finding myself again with the rhythm of competition from before ”.

In Elche “it is true that there have been many injuries this year. Also in other teams. The season is proving unusual in that sense, as was the preseason. A little for everyone but more for us who ended the previous campaign very late. It is also true that it took us a while to be able to all work together in the preseason and that we had quite a few games during the week ”.

On his position, “Before I always saw myself as a left-wing player glued to the band, but over the years I manage some more records and I can play in the center, it is a valued option to which I can adapt well ”, but ultimately,“ I feel good playing in the center and I don’t I would care to do it to support the team in this or any other position on the field ”.

Finally, the franjiverde footballer stressed that it is true that the lower part of the table is very tight this year. “There are even large teams that are made for other purposes that have complicated commitments and can get into trouble.” He also cited Huesca, “a team that some considered sentenced and that is now only one game away from permanence.” And he recognized that “there are more teams below and permanence is closer”.

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