Thursday, June 30

Fierce fight between Peter Burling and Blair Tuke and Diego Botín and Iago López Marra




The show was served with four regattas for the Nacra17 class and three for the 49er in windy conditions that, in the first part of the day, have touched 16 knots within the bay of Santander. The technical team of the Real Club Marítimo has been used thoroughly, with a series of regattas in which small changes of route have been the order of the day.

The first to start the competition was that of the Nacra 17 flying boats, which showed maximum action. It was the Danish team from Cenholt and Lübeck who managed to take the lead and place first on a very regular day (with partial 3,4,9,5) and displacing the leader Gibbs-Weis until yesterday to second square, despite the Americans winning the first test of the day.

The Spanish tandem Pacheco-Trittel put all the meat on the grill and they got their reward, with a very close duel in the first race in which they scored a second, followed by 10th, 2nd and 11th.

With this Tara Pacheco and Florian Trittel, and in windy conditions in which they seemed to feel very comfortable, they go up one place and place fourth, one point behind the bronze of the Germans Kohlfohh and Stuhlemmer.

The saying goes that “rough river, fishermen’s gain” and the 49er class regattas have had a lot of it. The fierce fight between the “Messi” of sailing Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, and the RCMS athlete Diego Botín together with Iago Marra has led to the leadership of a third: Dunning-Gunn, also from New Zealand.

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Diego Botín and Iago López Marra started the day with a first that made them tie for the lead with Burling and Tuke. From that moment on, the fight between Spaniards and New Zealanders was already dog-faced.

If in the first Botín won and Burling played, in the second it was the opposite and in the third a direct confrontation between Spaniards and those of the antipodes. This fight was used by Dunning-Gunn also Kiwis to storm the podium.

Tomorrow, with Dunning-Gunn’s permission, the point that separates Burling-Tuke from Booty-Marra will come into play.

The last day will start at 12 noon for the 49er class with three races and no earlier than 2 pm for the Nacra17 class Medal Race

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