Friday, September 24

FIFA Intervenes Amid Reports That Jean-Bart Continues to Influence the Haitian FA | Fifa

FIFA has appointed a normalization committee for the Haitian Football Association (FHF) after finding “strong indications” that Yves Jean-Bart continues to exert his influence despite being suspended for life last month for his participation in acts of systematic sexual abuse against women’s football. players, including minors.

Jean-Bart, who served as president for 20 years, is also charged with “continuing interference” in the FIFA investigation “which seeks to prevent and / or deter victims and witnesses from giving testimony.”

The 73-year-old was found guilty of abusing his position and also fined 1 million Swiss francs (£ 827,000) by the adjudicating chamber of FIFA’s independent Ethics Committee after an extensive investigation that lasted six months. Jean-Bart, known as “Dadou”, was first accused of forcing several players at the FIFA center, the National Technical Center in Croix-des-Bouquets, to have sex with him in an investigation published by The Guardian.

The complaints were made by numerous sources involved with the center, including the alleged victims and their families, while FIFA also suspended several other officials in connection with the investigation.

But although the FHF has already announced plans to hold elections to find his successor in January, a statement from FIFA on Friday he confirmed that the FIFA council office appointed the standardization committee after “multiple sources” confirmed that Jean-Bart was still involved in “running his daily affairs.”

“The decision follows the recent opening of several ethical investigations against the president of the FHF, Yves Jean-Bart, as well as other officials of the FHF, for their participation in acts of systematic sexual abuse against female soccer players, including minors. “, it reads.

“In this regard, the Office noted that, although some of these officials have already been provisionally banned and Jean-Bart himself is now serving a lifetime suspension imposed by the independent Ethics Committee on November 18, 2020, multiple Sources have claimed that there has been continued interference by the suspended FHF president and his associates who seek to prevent and / or dissuade victims and witnesses from giving testimony in ongoing investigations.

“Furthermore, the Office noted that there are strong indications that the FHF president is still exerting his influence within the FHF by participating in the management of its day-to-day affairs, despite his lifetime ban. He also noted that the flaws in the governance structures that have facilitated the abuse of power in the FHF are serious and deeply ingrained, and that a long process of reform of the FHF is now also needed. In view of these circumstances, the Office is of the opinion that it is very difficult for the FHF to carry out its operations, and that FIFA must now appoint a standardization committee, which will also ensure that ongoing ethical investigations continue unhindered. “

FIFA said the committee, which has a term of office until November 30, 2022, will help manage the FHF, review its statutes, and organize and carry out new elections for a new executive committee. It will also aim to “ensure an adequate financial transfer”.

“The standardization committee will be made up of an adequate number of members, who will be jointly appointed by FIFA and Concacaf,” the statement added.

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