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FIFA: The Mexican team is left without fans in the stands due to the homophobic shout

The Mexican team during the game against Honduras, at the Azteca stadium, on October 10.
The Mexican team during the game against Honduras, at the Azteca stadium, on October 10.YOALI MARTINEZ (Getty Images)

The enemy of El Tri is at home. FIFA, the soccer censor, has fined the Mexican Soccer Federation with two home games behind closed doors. The shout of “fucking” at the time of the rival goalkeeper’s clearance has once again hurt the national team that, no matter how many campaigns and warnings it makes, suffers from the attitude of its own fans.

During the World Cup qualifying matches in which Mexico faced Canada and Honduras, the cry considered homophobic was heard on several occasions. In both games, the horns and publicity inside the Azteca stadium begged their fans to avoid the chant. The warning is not minimal. The levels of penalties have started from financial fines, home matches without fans to escalation to losing points in the playoffs. The last punishment is to leave Mexico out of the World Cup in Qatar.

On the next date of qualifying matches, Mexico will play as a visitor against the United States and Canada. On January 30, El Tri will face Costa Rica and on February 2 they will face Panama. So both dates will be behind closed doors in the Azteca field. If the fans eradicate the chant, they will be able to see the classic of the continent against the United States and then Mexico against El Salvador, both in March 2022. The blow goes directly to the finances of the Mexican team that only on October 7 could play with fans in the stands because the game against Jamaica (2-1) was played behind closed doors. In addition, a financial fine of more than $ 109,000 must be paid.

Attempts to quell the cry have not only come from the Mexican Federation, they have also come from Concacaf, which vetoed it from stadiums in the United States, where the Mexican community gathers to follow friendly matches and those of the Gold Cup. What’s wrong is wrong (What’s wrong is wrong) was the slogan of the campaign that had little success. Even the adidas company released a video with its Mexican ambassadors, such as soccer players Diego Lainez, Edson Álvarez and Janelly Farías, as well as journalist Marion Reimers. “You yell at my daughter or my son who do not understand why loving their way seems offensive to you,” reads the promo. “The people who recognized us for being inventors of the wave [aquel movimiento de los aficionados en las gradas] now they recognize us for this ”, says player Sebastián Córdova.

FIFA’s crusade against the cry of “fucking” started from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Every year its severity in punishments has increased and even, during Russia 2018, it warned fans that if it was heard they could be expelled from the stadium to whoever did it. Chanting is also prohibited in the Mexican League and even the name of the current tournament is called “Grita México”. The troublesome scream, however, sets foot in Mexican soccer.

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