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Fifteen more positives at the Altabix residence in Elche and the families go to the Prosecutor’s Office

The Altabix nursing home.

The Altabix nursing home.
Antonio Amorós

Fifteen users of the Altabix residence, in Elche, they tested positive between last night Saturday and today Sunday at antigen test, according to information collected from health sources. At this time, the families of those admitted do not officially know this information, the Association for the Rights and Well-being of the Elderly has confirmed that it plans to file a complaint this morning in the guard court, Instruction number 5, after of not having an answer from Public Health about what is happening and seeing that the lack of personnel to care for the sick is not being covered (in fact, this is not the only residence that does not find nurses in the province, since in one of Santa Pola has the same thing).

So far, in the Elche residence, 24 cases have been declared among the elderly admitted, which are 107, and 14 among the staff. The tests have been carried out by the concessionary company on its own initiative after, according to sources from the Association, Public Health refused for now and preferred to wait a few more days to repeat them. At least three illicit residences will not be able to be vaccinated against covid because they have positive cases.

The first eight positives among users were recorded in a shot taken on the day December 29 (local holiday) through PCR. As will be recalled, until January 5, a week later, it was not carried out to the staff working in the residence, which resulted in up to 15 more positives, one of them, to another user. They had to leave work and here the problems worsened because during those days they were supposedly able to pass the coronavirus to other admitted. On the list there were nurses, assistants, cleaning or kitchen personnel, some of these have not been able to cover themselves due to lack of health personnel without work. Last Saturday, after pressure from family members, an antigen test was performed. According to the sources consulted, this is only positive when the viral load is high. Fortunately, there is no record that anyone has had to be admitted to hospital for now.

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It so happens that the Altabix residence lacks space to isolate 22 patientsUntil now they were putting the positives in double rooms, but at the moment it is materially impossible for them to be separated from the rest to prevent the contagion from flourishing. The workers, according to sources consulted by INFORMATION, have asked that they be tested again as soon as possible because they are working in a center where the virus is rampant without remedy being found.


Last Friday, the mayor of Elche, in a public appearance and after speaking with the director of the residence, assured the media that the situation was “normalized.” This past Christmas, the Catalan Ombudsman requested the Ministry of Equality to rescue the center as soon as possible, in the hands of a concession, given that it understood that there were irregularities. The Vox Elche party has asked the City Council to take measures as soon as possible in the residence for the Elderly and has requested an urgent meeting to attend to these people and provide solutions, even though it understands that the responsibility lies with two ministries: Health and Equality and Inclusive Policies .


Tomorrow, Monday, an Army brigade, specialized in biological control, BNQ, based in Valencia, is scheduled to go to the Altabix residence to proceed with disinfection throughout the day, which includes beds and rooms, for the morning; and the rest of the facilities, in the afternoon. The Association already criticized last Friday that it had not been carried out before because it requested on the 5th, when it learned the positives from the staff, that the Military Emergency Unit (UME) return to the residence for this task. In this six-day delay, these new positives have been known.

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