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Fifty boats in Tabarca Vela Diputación de Alicante


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Everything is ready at the Real Club de Regatas de Alicante to host from July 8 to 10 a spectacular 26th edition of the Tabarca Vela Diputación de Alicante, a high-level regatta on the RFEV national calendar that will feature fifty units distributed between the Lucas Fox ORC, Mercedes-Benz J80 and Mapfre Promotion classes.

The Lucas Fox ORC fleet is the largest and will be divided into three large groups, on the one hand ORC 0-1-2 in which two of the most cutting-edge boats will face each other, such as the Estrella Damm Sailing Team (RCMT Punta Umbría ), twice winner of the Copa del Rey and that this time will feature Jorge Martínez Doreste at the helm, the Norwegian round-the-worlder Knut Frostad at the tactician and the local navigator Gonzalo Infante, among others. The other boat that starts as the favorite in this division is Pedro Gil’s Maverta-Defcom Comunicación (RCN Torrevieja), which in addition to defending the title at Tabarca Vela, arrives in Alicante after being the overall winner of the Queen’s Trophy, which was held a few days ago at the RCN Valencia. In this division we find the largest boat in the fleet, the Plis Play of Vicente Rodríguez, a Swan 80 that sails for the RCR Alicante and the also local boat Spaniard of Juan Rodríguez and that will have the Alicante Olympic champion Kiko Sánchez among its crew. Moon.

In ORC 3 is the bulk of the fleet where the Tanit IV-Medilevel of María José Vila and skippered by Nacho Campos arrives home after winning four days ago in Valencia after maintaining a fight until the last day with the Brujo (RCN Cádiz ) by Federico Linares, with which an interesting duel between Alicante and Cadiz is expected.

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The third group will be reserved for the ORC 4-5 boats where Rafael Morán’s MKIII (CN Santa Pola) will seek the victory that eluded him in the last edition of the Tabarca Vela Diputación de Alicante.

The Lucas Fox ORC will compete on Friday for two batons in front of the city of Alicante and on Saturday the queen test of 31 miles that will consist of going around the island of Tabarca. While the 13 units of the Mapfre Promotion division, made up of RCR Alicante boats, will compete in a single 22-mile coastal race.

The Mercedes-Benz J80 monotypes will compete over the weekend with three tests on Saturday and three on Sunday in pole format. The Tabarca Vela Diputación de Alicante is also the second scoring regatta for the Women’s Sailing League, in which the Dorsia Covirán (Marina Burriananova) of Núria Sánchez and skippered by the Olympic bi-medallist Natàlia Via-Dufresne is the great attraction. Ahead, however, will be the current leaders of the circuit and winners of the first event, the EKP International Women’s Cup, held in May at the RCM Abra/RS Club, Olatz Muñoz’s Decoexsa (RCN San Sebastián). In addition to the local boat RCRA Team-Som Vela, the Canary Code Cero, the Basque Phimasa (RCMA/RSC) and the Galician Picacho (MRY Bayona).

On Friday, the first day, the tests will start at 3:00 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. The V Centenario Trophy will be won by the Lucas Fox ORC class boat with the lowest score after dividing the sum of their positions by the number of races held in their groups.

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The director of the 26th Tabarca Vela Diputación de Alicante, Evaristo Cabanell, explains that the forecasts “they indicate that we will have light winds from the South-Southeast throughout the three days of competition” . The 26th Tabarca Vela has the main sponsorship of the Diputación de Alicante and the co-sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz, Hijos de Manuel Crespo, Mapfre and Lucas Fox.

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