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fight between two clans in a prison for control of drugs and telephones




“A pitched battle in a powder keg”. This is how some officials define what happened on the afternoon of December 30 in the Estremera prison (Madrid VII), during a confrontation between two rival clans, supposedly in a settling of accounts for the control of drugs and mobile phones (which, of course, they are prohibited elements) that are inside. The event ended, according to the association of prison employees Your Abandonment Can Kill Me (TAMPM), with four workers injured and several inmates injured. Prison sources affirmed that the origin of the event is not clear and expressed their doubts that it was due to what was stated by TAMPM, with all reservations. Because the case has been referred to the Penitentiary Surveillance judge, so that he can gauge what crimes have been committed by the prisoners.

Article 75.1 of the Penitentiary Regulations has been applied to seven of them, which translates into isolation.

It happened, the union explains, around five in the afternoon, when the inmates of module 6 (“one of the most conflictive”) came down from the cells to the day center. Then, the spigot jumped between the two opposing groups (they speak of 50 or 60 prisoners) and they began to beat it up. “There were stab wounds with prison spikes, plastic chairs were blown up and they even used filled soda cans in socks, like slingshots, to attack”, they add the same sources.

Four workers injured

It is, at least one of the groups, Spanish criminals dedicated to drug trafficking. “The fight ended with seven inmates transferred to the maximum security department, already saturated, and several treated with cuts”, in addition, they add, four injured officials; Among them, the case of a woman who was “turned over and hit against the ground when she was reducing one of the promoters of the brawl” stands out. The consulted civil servants speak that everything was due “to an adjustment of accounts”, they specified to ABC. They were treated by the Estremera health services, “which, for a long time and due to the lack of doctors on the staff, did not have any doctor on duty when the events occurred.” Prison sources specify that there was a doctor on duty, but that the nursing staff was enough for the cures and that no one needed hospital transfer.

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In TAMPM they point out that it was “only the intervention of the center’s staff and the rapid presence of the unit’s heads of service” that stopped the serious brawl, preventing “it from having a more tragic result.”

These union sources They demand elements of protection, such as “anti-cut vests” and shackles “as mechanisms of retention and control of disturbed people.” In addition, they demand “a real, effective protocol in situations involving bladed weapons”, since they consider that officials are exposed to extremely serious situations “without being agents of the authority.”

Lack of staff

Likewise, they indicate the “significant deficit of personnel and necessary resources and the impact of the sixth wave of Covid, so leave must be covered and vacations suspended.” From the general coordination of TAMPM, they emphasize that “Estremera is a prison with very dangerous prisoners, in which the officials are passing through, they are very young and the staff is new”: “It is an abandoned prison.”

Prison sources speak that only the seven isolated (four from one faction and three from the other) participated in the fight. Two officials intervened first, who then called for reinforcements. The workers seized a broken broomstick and a prison pick.

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