Sunday, June 13

Fight crime and impunity, Democratic Party leader asks politicians before violence rises in New York

This spring has seen a spike in shootings.


“We want to make sure there is a balance between social justice and keeping our streets safe,” said Jay Jacobs, chairman of the New York State Democratic Party, warning his fellow congressmen not to approve new state laws that may be perceived as conducive to impunity or crime.

Jacobs was a longtime leader of the Nassau County Democratic Party on Long Island. In general, in the suburbs more voters are in favor of the police, compared to NYC, a city that since last year has experienced an increase in crime.

In NYC, last year protests over the death of the African American George Floyd In Minnesota they generated an anti-police climate, funding cuts and union tensions with Mayor Bill de Blasio, factors that many blamed for the rise in crime during the pandemic, in addition to criminal reform and the release of prisoners to avoid coronavirus infections in the jails.

The situation has dragged on this year: the number of shootings in NYC increased 73% in May compared to the same month last year. Tuesday, the New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, again blamed the New York bail reform in 2020 as part of the reason for the increase in crime. “This is crazy”, She complained.

At the same time, arrests have also dropped. According to experts, this raises fears of a more violent summer in NYC this 2021.

Jacobs last year demanded changes to the criminal reform law, which prohibits judges from imposing cash bail on many offenders. Said the law had become a political responsibility for Democrats running in competitive districts, bounded New York Post.

The law was later amended to give judges more discretion to set cash bail and detain more defendants for certain crimes.

Jacobs said he is reviewing current proposals justice system that are being considered in the New York State Assembly. For example, it supports legislation to consider early parole for convicts over 55 who have served at least 15 years in prison, but do not let convicted murderers loose.

Of course, many Republicans would be on his side. “We have clearly seen the devastating effects of bail reform on our public safety. When is enough finally? ”Criticized Senator Phil Boyle (Bay Shore), dean of the Republican delegation on Long Island.

“The Radical Left Wing Democrats of Albany care more for the welfare of violent criminals than innocent New Yorkers, who face the harsh reality of our already weakened criminal justice laws every day, ”Boyle said yesterday at a conference with victims of violence, along with his colleagues Alexis Weik, Anthony Palumbo and Mario Mattera.

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