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Fight of the giants between Alonso and Hamilton and Alpine’s first win



Formula 1 occasionally gives away unforeseen episodes that extol this sport. Various ingredients were gathered at the Hungaroring. The rain, the circuit less conducive to overtaking and Valtteri Bottas’s gaffe. It all came together in an outing that was a bowling game, half the grid rolling across the sand after the water-limited Finn collided with Norris. A start that brought an even more electrifying ending: a fierce, gigantic fight between Alonso and Hamilton in honor of the old days. Two colossi face to face and fifteen laps for the newspaper archives with the Spaniard defending his position against another shark. “Hamilton made several mistakes,” analyzed Alonso without giving importance, as equals. Hungary left a fourth place for Sainz who stroked the podium and the first victory for Alpine and Esteban Ocon.

One hit described a different afternoon in F1. Sergio Pérez, Norris, Bottas and Leclerc were left out. Verstappen, with the damaged Red Bull … One red flag, half grid KO and an unusual race, with Hamilton and Esteban Ocon (Alpine) in the lead. Sainz dodged the montonera and advanced ten places, and Alonso also skilfully avoided the mess.

It happened that the rain stopped, the track dried up with the race stopped and all the cars entered the garage to change to dry tires. All, except Hamilton, who starred in an unusual image. In the second start, Hamilton was alone on the grid, without any company, all the cars in the pits.

Fortunately for F1, Hungary drew another reality beyond the weekly discussion between Verstappen and Hamilton. Ocon, an Alpine to send, with Vettel second aboard the Aston Martin, Sainz and Alonso fighting for the podium, and Hamilton and Verstappen coming back from the well of the group.

The winding route facilitated the paired ride of Ocon and Vettel in pursuit of victory, while the blocks formed by Latifi and Tsunoda propelled them to an unprecedented duel for the victory.

From behind, the excitement that turned F1 into a mass spectacle was revived. The matter left a duel between Alonso and Hamilton in the last fifteen laps worthy of the sport manuals. Fantastic show, ambitious Hamilton with his unstoppable Mercedes that has won six world championships and colossal Alonso defending his position, hard as flint aboard his slowest Alpine.

Hamilton tried in every way, at the end of the straight, with DRS, in the slow part, climbing the walls, and a matter of pride to overtake Alonso. The Spanish closed all the blindsIt became very wide and very hard, and it led to one of those unforgettable moments, fifteen laps of siege until Hamilton found a way to sink his teeth.

Alonso and Sainz were fighting for the podium on gray wheels, Hamilton arrived on cooler tires and did not reach the victory because Alonso stopped him in his tracks. Sainz, however, was reduced by the British in just two turns. He was no longer on the podium, after remembering that probably the only enemy at his height in Formula 1 is Fernando Alonso.

The victory went to Esteban Ocon, the Frenchman sensational with the Alpine keeping Vettel at bay. A fair award for the Gallic brand and its young franchise driver, who, in honor of the truth, pointed to Alonso on the lap of honor and recognized him as the blotter that prevented another victory for Hamilton.

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