Monday, June 5

Film music and women who give everything in Cáceres

March starts and a few drops of rain have escaped into the sky. It is not to throw rockets, it would be necessary for the deluge to last days and days to compensate for the dryness that we drag. Thus, with a bit of winter weather and the sadness of war as a backdrop, a week full of exhibitions has passed. Same as last time, by the way. It is a good thing that in our city there is a rotation of samples, a good art menu to have a feast with first and second courses and dessert. Belleartes, Pintores, 10 and Palacio de Isla inaugurated their exhibitions last Thursday.

The also musician Niño Índigo (Julio César Fuentes Domínguez), presents ‘Pictorial Enredos’ at Belleartes, a search for himself through art and his creative processes, the organization says in a press release. In the summer of 2018 he decided to explore the world of painting, to unite it with music and literature. The result of all this can be seen on Calle Donoso Cortés, 13 until May 20. The techniques used are diverse, as are the materials, although acrylics and the abstract style predominate. Today, Saturday, is the last day to see ‘Cáceres Danza Project’, at the Ruta de la Plata shopping center, 30 photographs signed by Prado Andrada and Jesús de la Montaña and starring the students of the Professional Dance Conservatory.

Women’s day is coming and there will be demonstrations in the street again to claim necessary rights. I like this beginning of the month that is dyed purple and that allows us to make everything that women do more visible. In the Palacio de la Isla you can see the exhibition ‘Mythological Garden’, signed by the artist Dolores Castro/Lola Caótica. They are mythological medallions and sketches, folders where you can see the process of some of her finished works on display, watercolours, sketches and previous works on paper.

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In Pintores 10 Montse Galán exhibits Queens of Noise, an exhibition that focuses on a critical look at the use of the female body in musical graphics and is part of the activities organized by the Cáceres Provincial Council on the occasion of 8-M .

More brave women. Yesterday at the Gran Teatro the actress Marta Contreras with her company ‘No + Glitter’ put on the stage ‘Dura y Extrema’, a play in which she reflects on sensuality and Extremaduran festivities. Combine glamorous images with garments that represent the local heritage.

Cáceres has been celebrating the Spanish film festival all week. The Multicines Cáceres have exhibited part of the national cinema production this year. In addition to the merely cinematographic, this contest includes other cultural activities, such as the Sonora Original in the Boogaloo room. On Thursday, Three House and X-Rated performed. Yesterday, Friday, Atlántica and Sobrinos de los Coup and today, at 6:00 p.m., it is the turn of the Raquel Morato Trio, led by the singer-songwriter from Extremadura, Kaplan, a band from Cáceres made up of musicians from various countries, Hombre Tigre, with three members and who practices electronic pop and Fônal, a duo from Cáceres made up of Inma González and Alfonso Búrdalo. Tickets cost seven euros and have a charitable purpose, since the amount is intended for charitable causes.

Last Monday was Andalusia Day and the Rociero de Cáceres Choir celebrated it by doing what they do best, singing. There was a rociera mass in the Church of the Risen Christ and an institutional act in the Vilches bar.

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Maltravieso, that place where it all began, was the subject on which Alfonso Callejo spoke last Wednesday at an event organized by the Philatelic Association and where a stamp and a postcard on the 70th anniversary of the discovery of this cave were presented.

This weekend is letters. Yesterday, the Edita Nómada 2022 literary festival was inaugurated at the La Boheme hotel and at the Café Central, which includes acts in different spaces. Today there will be presentations from 10 in the morning at the Ateneo and a recital at the La Tarara Pikoteka bar.

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