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Filming series Pedro Sanchez | Moncloa, tell me?: Pedro Sánchez already has his own series

Pedro Sánchez and his wife, Begoña Gómez, have breakfast in Moncloa. / THE POOL-SECUOYA

‘The four seasons’ is the provisional title of a production that goes into the presidential headquarters. It has no release date or channel that broadcasts it

Mikel Labastida

Pedro Sánchez wanted his own ‘The West Wing of the White House’ and now he has it. It is not exactly the same, but the team that has been recording a documentary series in Moncloa since March has surely taken good note of what was happening in that American fiction. The president is also noted that he has looked askance at the poses of his counterpart Bartlet to imitate him in some of those filler or transition sequences in which he is seen walking through corridors or reviewing documents while being taken in the car. “It’s a 24-hour job, 7 days a week,” says the leader of the PSOE laconically.

At the moment the series is just a project, although the first images have already been shown to arouse interest -or anger, depending on who is watching it-. It hasn’t even finished shooting (they intend to continue until March 2023) nor does it have a network to broadcast it on (and it won’t be because there are no platforms), but that doesn’t discourage their production companies The Pool TM and Secuoya Studios, who have presented a preview of what was recorded at the Iberseries & Platino meeting, which is being held in Madrid. The working title is ‘The Four Seasons’ and it is expected to be divided into two chapters. Perhaps the renewal for a second season will be decided at the polls.

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“Everyone has heard what Moncloa is, but we don’t know how it works,” says one of the workers involved in the documentary in the images released. Among the many workers who live there. About 1,200, according to filmmaker Curro Sánchez Varela, director of the project. Ushers, secretaries, cleaning staff, cooks, cabinet chiefs explain what day to day is like in an institution of these characteristics.

choral portrait

The intention is to present a choral portrait of what it means to be part of a center of power but, at least in the trailer presented, the presence (and minutes) of Pedro Sánchez stands out above the others. He is shown in the professional sphere, in meetings with his team and on official visits, and in the personal sphere, he is seen from behind from a balcony with his parents and is shown having breakfast with his wife, Begoña Gómez, while they review the press . He reads Le Mondel. All very casual. According to advances, the only indications imposed by the president are that his daughters do not appear and that they never film in a council of ministers. Those are the red lines.

Pedro Sánchez, in an image from the documentary. /


Óscar López, current director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government, does not look like CJ Cregg but he does what he can by explaining the pace of work that being part of Moncloa imposes. “Among other things, you sleep little and you don’t have time for one because the next one arrives,” he explains in one of his statements. “But that’s the beauty of it,” he adds. Miquel Iceta is postulated as a revelation character because in just a few seconds he captures the attention. “Miquel has breakfast,” the president sneers at him while the Minister of Culture pours himself a cup of coffee. «Yes, yes, I want to appear as I am», he resolves convinced. It will be necessary to see what he gives of himself and the role reserved for the rest of the holders of ministerial portfolios.

The start of the war in Ukraine or the NATO summit in Madrid are two of the most important events that the cameras have been able to record and to which the images broadcast attest. Sánchez is seen in a relaxed and close tone with Joe Biden, president of the United States (surely so that the time he had to chase him down a corridor is erased from our memory) or with Jens Stoltenberg, former prime minister of Norway and current secretary general of NATO.

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The producers are not in a hurry to hunt down a chain – they are in the testing phase – nor for the series to be released. There is no special interest in approaching the electoral period. We will have to wait, therefore, before seeing if ‘The Four Seasons’ is more like ‘Veep’ or ‘Borgen’.

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