Thursday, August 5

Filomena gives way to an icy start to the week with lows of up to 4 below zero

The controls yesterday reduced the traffic chaos, although the movements did not stop.

The controls yesterday reduced the traffic chaos, although the movements did not stop.

The storm Filomena he leaves and leaves the door open to the cold. The temperatures they descend in great part of the coast of the province in the day of today, while In the interior the minimum registered will be three and four degrees below zero in localities such as there and Bathtubs, according to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). Education reported yesterday that a total of three municipalities of Alicante close their educational centers today.

The day on Sunday left road cuts due to the storm, the closure of La Carrasqueta to visitors and the resumption of part of the ground transportation that had been interrupted.

The cold comes with force to towns in the interior. According to forecasts, the anticyclone will produce a sharp drop in temperatures over the next few days. In the city of Alicante, the minimum reaches four degrees and the maximum does not exceed thirteen, and will be accompanied by a cloudy sky for much of today. In this town, temperatures will drop one degree on Tuesday, although with clear skies.

Visitors come to the snow-covered municipalities to see the stamp left by the storm. | INFORMATION

Alcoy and Villena Today they pass zero with a minimum of two negative degrees during the early morning. Ibi will register three degrees below zero, and Banyeres, the town with the lowest temperatures according to forecasts, will reach four negative. The maximum temperatures will not exceed seven degrees in any of these four locations.

Emergencies reported yesterday of the suspension of infant, primary, special education, baccalaureate and FP classes in three municipalities from Alicante. The storm interrupts classes today for about 5,400 students in the province alone, while the measure affects approximately 21,600 students in the Valencian Community. In Alicante, the affected municipalities are Agost, Ibi and Monforte del Cid.

Yesterday, access to the Port of La Carrasqueta was closed again, according to the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community. This measure had already been taken from noon on Saturday, when hundreds of cars with visitors who wanted to see the snow collapsed the roads that lead to the area. Despite this closure, the highway’s service lanes were filled again, and the picture was that of a large line of vehicles parked for several kilometers.

In addition, the National Police monitored the accesses to Alcoy to prevent anyone from entering the city without a justified reason, as the municipality was confined to the perimeter; This weekend, there have also been several people who, wanting to visit the Font Roja, have had to turn around after being stopped at the control of the agents. The Government Delegation reported that eOn the road from Xixona to Torre de les Maçanes, despite the red level alert, between 30 and 40 vehicles accumulated, which were forced to turn around. Trains heading to Madrid started to run again yesterday afternoon. Renfe resumed some departures during the day, although with some delays caused by adverse weather conditions, according to the company.

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