Wednesday, October 20

Final assault between Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa for the America’s Cup

The end of the 36th America’s Cup between Emirates Team New Zealand, defender of the title, and the Red Moon Italian will start this Wednesday at 16:00 local time (04:00 Spanish time) in the bay of Auckland (New Zealand) with the host team as the favorite against an opponent who has been fearsome throughout the competition. Eleven crew members on each boat: 22 sailors that today are the best in the world in ‘match-racing’ and with two different styles of navigation.

The appearance of several positives for Covid-19 last week in the New Zealand town led the government to decree the confinement and raise the alarm to the third level, for this reason the start of the final has been delayed four days, until it can return to the level 2. This allows the contest to be played, but without fans in the spaces of the Town since Bowl nor in the areas surrounding the race courses.

The ‘The Rehutai‘, the local boat, has the skipper Peter burling, 30, Olympic champion in Rio 2016, six-time world champion and winner of the America Cup of 2017, which will be in charge of taking the New Zealand team to the checkered flag.

The ‘Red Moon‘instead, it featured the double pattern innovation with the Australian Jimmy Spithill, 41, winner of the America Cup in 2010 and 2013, with that historic comeback raising a 1-8 against to prevail over the New Zealand team 9-8 in the final, and the Italian Francesco Bruni, 43, in what is his fifth America Cup and the fourth in the ranks of Red Moon.

It will be the confrontation between the two AC75, monohulls with ‘foils’ (ailerons) of 22.90 meters in length with the most advanced technology in world sailing, capable of rising above the surface of the water and flying at speeds three times higher. to that of the existing wind in the fields and regattas.

Two sleeves a day

The ‘Te Rehutai ‘ (Sea Breeze) New Zealand is the pride of the New Zealand highly competitive sailing industry, although so far it has only competed in the World Series last December, which it won with 5 victories and a single defeat, beating the Italians in the two sleeves in which they faced each other.

Meanwhile, during January and February, the ‘Red Moon’ He played 18 rounds in the Prada Cup or Challengers tournament, winning 14 of them, including 11 of the last 12, with a 4-0 to the American ‘American Magic’ in the semifinals and 7-1 to the British ‘Ineos’ in the final .

It may interest you

For experts, the speed of ‘Red Moon‘in light wind ranges is one of your best weapons. The ‘The Rehutai‘is more maneuverable and has more speed in high wind ranges. At alarm level 2, only two of the five race courses will be used in the Hauraki Gulf: A, farthest from Auckland, north of the port and the E, east of the city.

From tomorrow they will be disputed two sleeves per day. Thursday will be a day of rest to celebrate two more races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If either team reaches the seven wins, on Sunday 14 there could already be a winner. If not, it will continue with two sleeves each day next week.

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