Wednesday, August 4

Final auction with controversy to ‘The island of temptations’

“And Perico goes out to the wheel”, as Antonio Alcántara would say. But we are not talking about ‘Cuéntame’ but about ‘The island of temptations’, once again. And it is that Telecinco reserved an unnecessary epilogue to fill out Sunday night. If a show fuels people who lack credibility (as demonstrated in the previous discussion), you pervert the content. On the one hand they spread audios of characters plotting montages, falsifying reality in search of exclusives, and on the other you invite them to a debate to defend their positions. In the end it’s all about stirring up the shit, excuse me. Or without it because in reality the expression is the one that best fits. A Melyssa disgusted She appeared on set to, again, ask her ex-boyfriend for explanations. Tom was going head-to-head who cared less than a quantum physics class to a mosquito. And that became from the first minute into a chicken coop in which nothing was understood.

“I didn’t feel like seeing her,” thought Tom. And Melyssa would reply: “I don’t care what you say because you don’t mean anything to me anymore.” If these were the bases, why insist? Well, they insisted on it. “I apologize to all of Spain for having fallen in love with another person”exclaimed the boy with great sarcasm and without concealing that he was acting; the first thing is to make the matter profitable. And she was sobbing: “I just want you to give me an explanation.” And to further confuse him, Sandra enters the scene with the same reluctance or more than her colleagues from fatigue. And then they assure that Tom sent Melissa messages telling her that he loved her and that he wanted to get back to her so as not to hurt her. Letters that Sandra consented to. Either it is all a sham, or they are cruelty personified or they are laughing at the staff and getting paid well for it.

The climax comes when Melyssa forgives, Tom cries and Sandra, like cows looking at the train. And then Carlos Sobera gives way to advertising and among the ads they discover that Sandra and Tom will be guests of ‘The Strong House’. Friend, that’s the crux of the matter. If we want to maintain the tone, we must add fuel to the fire, even if it sounds repetitive. This is called baiting to taste. After the propaganda, stage singing. «I never wanted to play with her, I loved her very much. I’m really sorry, ”Tom pleaded. And his ex reacted by apologizing for everything. “That’s it, I forgive you because I don’t want to live with anger nor do I wish you any harm”Melyssa replied. This was more false than an airplane rear-view mirror. Lines of text that surpass the best soap opera. “And stop judging me because I’m neither a gulf nor a macho nor a bastard!”, Tom settled, addressing the collaborators who are going to referee his next contest.

Second act. Marta and Lester. If the first was a corral, this one exceeded all limits. She, as always, appeared ready to unhinge anyone. This girl’s overacting is bookish. Even Terelu held it in his face! “I recognize my imbalance,” he admitted. But in two seconds he was back on his feet. “He sends me nasty, creepy messages”he said, accusing his ex. “You’re doing good, but you started our relationship cheating on me,” Lester censured. And Patri arrived, who is now with the canary, and got messy. “Ridiculous” or “clown” were some of the qualifiers that I managed to understand among all the noise. “You want to eat my slime”Marta said to Patri, after proclaiming herself a “fine and elegant” woman. Very consistent. And then Dani and Kevin joined, and later Alessandro and the other Patricia … Anyway, a nonsense in which not even the prompter was understood. Luckily it seems that, now, “we would be.”

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