Tuesday, September 21

Final debate of attacks and reproaches between Laporta, Font and Freixa

  • The three candidates have thrown taunts and aired contradictions in the last campaign act

  • The accusations of “alpha male leadership”, “trilerismo” and “leaps of faith” have been some of the most prominent

The three candidates knew that the game was ending and everything had to be left in the field. Joan Laporta, Víctor Fuente and Toni Freixa took the last opportunity before the vote this Sunday and launched the attack in the TV-3 debate, more sour than that of RAC-1, where Accusations were crossed (liar, trilero …), more in search of discrediting rivals than praising the candidacy itself.

Freixa went out into the field plugged, knowing that great comebacks need a quick goal. Started the debate inciting the culé partner to skip the regional confinement to go vote and recriminate that the video with which the debate began only highlighted the bad. “It is true that we went through a difficult stage, but Barça has immense potential. The situation is not so bad,” he said, like Laporta with that one “that we are not so bad.”

Font also started shooting all over the place. Nor does he want to “continue running the club like in the 80s” either “an alpha male leadership“. Laporta opted to see the glass” half full “because the situation is” reversible “and criticized both the”laboratory-based models who say what the partners want to hear “as” other more football fans who are not based on experience. “” Victor, do not reinvent yourself so much because in the end you will end up not finding yourself, “said the former president to Font.

The threat of Florentino

The indirect allusions ended when Freixa alluded to Laporta’s legacy and his “nostalgic past forgetful“.” Stop telling lies, “said Freixa. Then the debate turned sour, with the two candidates throwing themselves at their heads past facts, especially about the club’s debt, which Font attended in silence, without staining. saw his moment: “Some of us have prepared programs and others improvise, such as Mr. Laporta’s bonds, which Florentino could buy“. “That’s it suspense novel“Laporta was outraged.

Font exhibited a folio with his sports structure. “‘Fa patxoca'”, defended without specifying the names of each position. “Jordi Cruyff is not here, he is in China. We have Lluís Carreras », Freixa lashed him, who put on the coach’s tracksuit to detail the role of each footballer in his game model.

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A barbecue with Messi

The Messi’s continuity the chicken coop was upset again. Font said that “You are not convinced with a roast” not with cronyism but with people like Xavi Hernandez. Laporta reproached him that the one from Terrassa has not opted for him and that the names of his team are “leaps of faith”. “Who will be your technical secretary? The fire extinguisher as in the ‘Polònia’?“Font countered. The leader of ‘Sí al Futur’ later praised part of his legacy, but it was too late: “If you thank me so much for what I have done, vote for me, I will leave the ballot at home”, Laporta asked him.


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