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Final straight in the improvement works of the Jesús Navarro Jover de Novelda school

The visit to the facilities of the Jesús Navarro Jover school, whose works face the final stretch.

The visit to the facilities of the Jesús Navarro Jover school, whose works face the final stretch.

The councilor for Urban Management, Iván Ñíguez, together with the delegate of the City Maintenance area, José María Chacón, they have visited the Jesús Navarro Jover school to learn about the evolution of the works that, framed in the Building Plan and with a budget of € 623,667, are facing, with the aim of adapt and modernize the facilities, its final stretch. Accompanied by the project manager, Rafa Mira, members of the Viviendio company, executor of the work, and the director of the center, Ruben Sarrion, the delegate of the area of Urban Management has verified the evolution of an action that, financed through the Building Plan, has modernized the electrical installation, adapted the facilities with accessibility criteria and renovated changing rooms, toilets and concierge of the center.

During the visit to the CEIP Jesús Navarro Jover, where the tasks at the moment focus on the installation of an elevator in the Primary building that gives access to the first floor of the building and the completion of the works to provide accessibility to the entire installation, Iván Ñíguez has valued the Edificant Plan, a program promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana for the construction, reform and improvement of educational centers that has allowed investing close to three million euros in the educational centers of Novelda, and “It has made possible the modernization of a center such as Jesús Navarro Jover, which has been demanding improvements for many years”.

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Ñíguez, who has thanked the great coordination work that has been carried out in recent months between the winning company, works manager, educational center, municipal brigade and cleaning service, has indicated that the work, a “Integral action” which includes the modernization of the bathrooms, changing rooms and concierge, the improvement of the electrical installation, with energy efficiency criteria and the provision of accessibility throughout the center, has allowed “Adapt a very old-fashioned space to the needs of the educational community of the center today”. The architect and project manager, Rafa Mira, has indicated that “the intervention comes to solve deficiencies such as the electrical precariousness or the lack of accessibility of the center, solves the problems that created very old bathrooms and improves energy efficiency, the exterior carpentry of the building and renews the heating installation “. From CEIP Jesús Navarro Jover, its director, Rubén Sarrión, has stressed that the Edificant Plan is “A program that has made it easier for centers like ours to modernize and update outdated facilities, with the improvement of the electrical and lighting system, or by providing network cable to the entire facility, which optimizes the connectivity of the center”.

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