Sunday, February 25

Find out if anyone is using your Gmail, Facebook, or Netflix accounts

There’s a new hack or scam around every corner. The sad thing is, you probably won’t realize someone has wormed their way into your digital life until it’s too late.

If a virus is to blame, there are red flags. Tap or click for eight signs your computer has been hacked, starting with a big giveaway: It’s running hot.

Sometimes the culprit is closer to home. Worried someone has been snooping on your computer? Here are the clues.

Then there are your online accounts. I’ll walk you through how to check for any devices and people using them that shouldn’t be there.

See what’s connected to your Google account

Think about all that your Google account can open the door to: Your emails, your contacts, your location history, your searches, your photos… That’s just scratching the surface.

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