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Find out which is the best trick to prepare a slimming shake

Thinking about smoothies automatically takes us to the weightloss, we are very used to relating them as an alternative light, low in calories and nutritious. And it’s true shakes can be the best tool to complement any weight loss plan; however when we do not pay attention to the quality of ingredients, a shake can become a calorie bomb.

The truth is the popularity of smoothies It never ceases to amaze us and that is why they have come to light countless combinations, which are associated with different bnutritional and therapeutic benefits. However there is a question that persists, What is the best trick to create a smoothie focused on losing weight? The answer is simpler than you think: make sure it includes some kind of protein element.

In the last months everyone talks about the importance of protein consumption to promote weight loss. It’s about a fundamental macronutrient in the diet that is related to great slimming qualities, in principle draws special attention for its satiating power. It is because of that integrate protein in shakes it is a basic element to feel satisfied for longer throughout the day.

So that add protein in shakes is he trick number 1 to lose weight. The good news is that today we have on hand exceptional sources of protein that make the path very easy for us. Between the best recommendations of specialists is the use of greek yogurt, which is also related to the additional benefit of providing large amounts of calcium. Also in recent months everyone has talked about the benefits of using protein powdered and it is even recommended to use nuts and seeds, which are a magnificent source of proteins of vegetable origin. Protein can be an element even more satiating that the same proportion of carbohydrates or fats, so lose the fear of using it and contemplate adding 20 to 30 grams of protein in the smoothie if you plan to have it as a Principal Food.

The best of all is that reaching the recommended amount is not difficult, contemplates the use of a scoop of protein powder or a little more 3/4 of cup of Greek yogurt, remember that it should be no sugar or flavorings. If you include both elements in a smoothie, you will get enough protein to feel satisfied for many more hours, is also associated with a better control of cravings and therefore causes weight loss. The benefits of integrating the right amount of protein in shakes are immense:

  • Increase muscle mass, thanks to your contribution in essential amino acids that repair and maintain muscle tissue.
  • Leucine (an essential amino acid) stimulates muscle protein synthesis, especially after the physical activity and thus improves sports endurance and reduces muscle damage. Act like a additional energy source and promotes glycogen saving. It is found naturally in yogurt, whole grains, seeds, soybeans, and nuts.
  • Proteins keep in balance nitrogen, which it’s reduces muscle breakdown and improves its recovery and repair.
  • They promote weight loss, since the body needs more energy to digest protein than for other foods, so caloric expenditure is higher after a protein rich food.

Another of the gold rules when we talk about a slimming shake, it’s based on monitor its fruit content. While many people are in the habit of adding large amounts of fruit and juice, son healthy elements however it is very important do not overdo it. Integrating them increases carbohydrate intake, if to this we add a shake that contains little protein, we will cause alterations in the blood sugar levels and therefore glucose peaks that alter health.

In addition to add protein and one healthy serving of fruit in smoothies, it is essential to consider adding vegetables (especially green leafy ones) they provide a extra fiber boost. It is well known that fiber is very important in turning any shake a nutritional treasure, makes any meal complete and essential in weight loss. Promotes a better digestive process, accelerates intestinal transit and promotes purification of the body. Integrate high-fiber foods into smoothies provides satiety and nutrition at another level, it is also key in the elimination of toxins, wastes, fats, salts and liquids housed in the body. Choose to integrate green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale.

Last but not least create the perfect balance of ingredients when making your everyday shakes, It is the key to success. Taking into account that solo one in ten Americans consume the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables Smoothies are the best ally!

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