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Find out which is the popular and colorful diet that reduces the risk of prostate cancer, according to a new study

In the last days everyone talks about the wonders of the Mediterranean diet, which has been named for the fourth consecutive year as the best diet of 2021.Not only has scientifically proven which is a dietary pattern that benefits health on many levels, un new study of the MD Anderson Cancer Center from University of Texas has found that the men with prostate cancer who consume a stricter mediterranean diet can experience a lower risk of progression.

Said study included the participation of 410 men with prostate cancer, to whom according to a questionnaire food frequency they were assigned a high, medium or low score on the Mediterranean diet. The researchers found that male participants who ate more fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, olive oil, nuts, legumes, beans and seeds; that is, the 9 groups of staple foods of the Mediterranean diet, they had minor symptoms and progression in disease.

He prostate cancer is the type of cancer more common among men and according to information released by American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), every year the figures increase. It is estimated that the last year was diagnosed with prostate cancer a 174,650 mans in the U.S and approximately the 60% of cases were men over 65. The mean age of diagnosis is 66 years; for unknown reasons, the risk of prostate cancer it’s about a 60% higher in black men that in the white men.

The disease rarely occurs before age 40, undoubtedly a very relevant data for create greater awareness in the prevention of this type of male cancer. AND feeding and the lifestyle, are a big part of the secret.

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Another of the important findings of said study: than 8.1% of the men in the study who self-identified as blacks, those who followed a high degree of Mediterranean diet they saw the biggest decrease at the risk of progression of prostate cancer. The study authors say this is significant because the black men they have a 60% more chance to be diagnosed with this type of cancer.

The good news is that through feeding and new habits focused on the Lifestyle, men not only with prostate cancer, but those with a disease in the male reproductive system (for example inflammation of the prostate), can find a way to impact the progression of your disease and Improve your quality of life.

In such a way that the Mediterranean diet It is not only the best alternative for be healthier, prevent diseases, live longer and lose weight, it is also a powerful toolagainst cancer and specifically that of the prostate. After such valuable information that science makes available to us, you will have no doubts to start 2021 with a new challenge and Lifestyle that will only do you gain health and wellness.

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