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Find the cheapest gas stations on your mobile

We already know that technology serves to make our lives easier in many areas. Specifically with smartphones we have managed to perform tasks that not too many years ago would have been unthinkable.

These devices have meant a change in society, in its behavior and in the way of seeing the day to day life, completely different from what happened before its appearance.

Specifically, in the automotive world, they have substantially modified the habits we had before they arrived. For example, in the old days when we were going to go on a trip, days before we studied where we could go in our travel guide or on a map that we had, so that the chances of getting lost were less.

In any case, it was fairly normal to get lost and have to ask the people you could find to guide you where you were going.

Nowadays that is no longer a problem, the navigator that you have on your smartphone tells you where you have to go and if you get confused, it is capable of recalculating the route so that you arrive at your destination anyway.

As for the gas stations, as we are going to see below, there are apps that tell you which is the cheapest gas station close to the position where we are, which can mean good savings on the deposit, something that, if we use in the long run, we will be able to spend a lot less on fuel in a year.

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Gas stations Spain

We can consult the service stations by distanceby Location within the map or by being the cheaper of how many we have close to us.

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We can choose between gasoline 95, gasoline 98, diesel, premium diesel, diesel B, diesel C, biodiesel, bioethanol, LPG and CNG.

It is really useful, since we will be able to search for those that have the cheapest price found in a radius determined, by those you have more discounts or if there is any promotion type at that gas station.

But not everything stops there, because it is able to make comparisons of costs and indicate the information in a very clear way, by colours. This means that the green color is for cheap gas stations and red for the most expensive ones, going through yellow for those with a normal price.

Something that is very important is that you can see details of the gas stations such as name, address, time or distance

Everything that we have told you is included in the fact that it is capable of linking with Google Maps and getting it to take us to the gas station that we have chosen.

Download Gas Stations Spain

Gasoline and Diesel Spain

This is another one of the best apps out there for find cheap gas stations nearby to the position where we are.

Have all types of fuel such as gasoline 95, gasoline 98, diesel, premium diesel, diesel B, diesel C, biodiesel, bioethanol, LPG and CNG.

It comes preconfigured for a distance of 10 km from the point where we are, but we can configure it up to 25 km, even 200 kilometers, but for those who have a subscription, which by the way costs 1.19 euros per month.

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You can put those gas station brands that we use the most or that we like the most, we can apply the discounts that we have at certain gas stations and even by clicking on the one we want tell us your exact address and we can see it on the GPS.

Download Gasoline and Diesel Spain


It is an app with a fairly simple interface with which we will be able to know the exact price of the different gas stations that we have nearby.

You can computer by map, that is, see where we are and go through the map to observe the different nearby gas stationsby price, by distances and you can even create a list of favorite gas stations.

Interesting data can be incorporated for cost calculation such as the capacity of your fuel tank (This way we will know exactly the price to fill the deposit).

Download GasofApp

GasAll: Gas Stations Spain

It is an application with a very neat interfacein addition to offering the information we expect from an app of this type.

In addition to asking us what our fuel is when starting it for the first time (it can be modified), we already see when opening it the different gas stations separated by colors to know where the cheapest ones are at a glance.

In addition to the map we have a list where we can order everything by price, location or distance.

If we select a specific gas station, it will indicate the price of gasoline, but we can also see possible promotions, access a history of prices, receive directions to get there or place it as one of our favorite samples.

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Download GasAll: Gas Stations Spain

GPS Navigators

Something that you should also know and what we also talked about in the video that accompanies this article is that browsers that we have today in the market such as Google Maps, Waze, TomTom Go Navigation or Sygic, among others, come prepared to tell us where the gas stations are and take us to them.

It is a very practical lake, since it may happen that we run out of gasoline and we need to get to the nearest service stationWell, in that case you only have to put it on the browser and it will take you to the closest one, so that in this way you do not run out of fuel.

Google Maps and Waze, both owned by Google, are two of the browsers where we can have not only information on where the gas stations are, but also the prices, so we will be very well informed.

But do not think that TomTom GO Navigation being paid is less, well, absolutely not. It has a specific section for gas stations where we can see where they are, the closest to us and the price of the fuel that we have previously indicated that our car carries.

In other words, the main GPS navigation apps also help us to know the price of gasoline and take us directly to the one that we tell them.

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