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Fine of 500 euros and 6 points from the DGT for one of the most frequent actions at the wheel

With the new Traffic Law, the DGT will penalize certain behaviors that were already prohibited more harshly, such as the use of mobile phones while driving

The new Traffic Lawwhich was approved last December and
which entered into force on March 21, has brought with it several innovations that must be taken into account when driving. In general terms,
this new legislation entails a general tightening of fines by certain actions that drivers usually perform behind the wheel. It should be noted that these laws not only bring new prohibitions, but also
Certain behaviors that were already prohibited, such as the use of mobile phones while driving, will also be punished more harshly.whose sanction becomes harsher.

Throwing objects out of the window carries a penalty of €500 and 6 points /


Another of the sanctions to highlight is a very common action such as
throw objects out of the car window. The DGT has had a special impact on this matter, since one of the most frequent gestures is to see
how do you throw cigarette butts on the road, with the danger that this entails. According to the rule updated since March 21, throwing objects that can cause accidents or fires onto the road or in its vicinity
carries a penalty of 500 euros and the loss of 6 points on the driver’s license, increasing by four points with respect to the previous regulation, since
before it was punished with only two points.

In this way, the DGT has increased the harshness of these actions, which are now considered very serious. And it is that throwing a cigarette butt out the window can cause a fire, especially in summer.
3% of forest fires have their ultimate origin in cigarette buttsabandoned or thrown from one of the millions of vehicles that circulate during this time of year.

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3% of forest fires have their origin in cigarette butts thrown from the car /


As previously mentioned,
the simple gesture of holding the mobile while driving will also carry a sanction. With the new Traffic Law,
there is an increase from three to six sanction points for driving while holding the mobile in your hand. It should be noted that the previous nuance is of great importance, since
The DGT replaces the word “use” in its legislation with “driving while holding mobile phone devices”. In this case, since last March 21
the fine amounts to an amount of 500 euros.

For its part,
Regarding the seat belt and vehicle protection elements, the DGT has increased the sanction from three to four points for not using, or not using it properly, the seat belt, child restraint systems, helmet and other mandatory protection elements. It may not seem like it, but
One in four deaths in traffic accidents is still not wearing a seat belt.

One in four deaths in traffic accidents is still not wearing a seat belt


Another action that will be severely punished will be
carry radar detection mechanisms or kinemometers in the vehicleeven if they are disabled. This type of action will also be considered as a serious infraction,
whose fine amounts to 500 euros of economic amount and the loss of three points of the license.

Finally, although it has nothing to do with an act as such inside the car, with the new Traffic Law
The DGT will punish with a 500 euro fine those who use unauthorized intercommunication devices in the tests to get the card or to recover pointsin addition to not being able to take the tests again within six months.

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