Thursday, February 2

Finland makes official its candidacy to join NATO

the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistoand the prime minister of the country, sanna marinhave announced this Sunday the application of the country’s entry into the NATO with the intention of “maximizing” your security after the russian invasion from Ukraine. “It’s a historic day. A new era begins,” Niinistö told a news conference.

Next step: vote in Parliament

The president, together with the Government’s Foreign Policy and Security Commission, have already completed the report corresponding on accession, which will be presented to the Cortes Generales after the approval of the Plenary of Government.

After consultation with the Parliamentwhich will take place next week, Finland will formally request its entry to the organization, according to the statement published this Sunday on the Presidency’s website.

All formations with parliamentary representation have been favorable to entry, with the exception of the minority Left Alliancewhich has not yet been pronounced, so it is expected that the candidacy obtains a resounding majority in Congress.

Turkey can be a hindrance

From there, it will correspond to the 30 member countries of NATO to unanimously accept the entry of Finland, which will probably be joined by neighboring Sweden, which is also finalizing its application process these days.

The ratification of the accession of Finland and Sweden by all the Member States of the Alliance, a process that may take Several months, It seemed like a simple procedure until a few days ago given the great internal support it had.

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However, it could be complicated by the possible refusal of Turkeywhose president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was very critical this Friday of the accession of the two Nordic countries, which he accuses of harboring Kurdish “terrorists”.

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Threat Crossing

Finland has remained firm in its decision to join the Atlantic Alliance despite continuous threats from the Kremlin, which has warned that it will be forced to adapt “both military-technical and other response measures”.

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